What to do in Bariloche?

Patagonia Travel Posted on 04/07/2018

Bariloche is one of those special places that you feel lucky to have discovered. Sitting on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi and surrounded by scenic mountains, Bariloche (actually, San Carlos de Bariloche) is the capital of Argentina’s Lake District. It is known for its great hiking, winter skiing and surprisingly, to some of the best, homemade chocolate in South America, courtesy of the original Swiss and German settlers. If you are planning a trip to Bariloche, here are a few suggestions of things to do in Bariloche. 

1. Hiking 

Bariloche - Lakes District - Trekking

Bariloche is a great destination of hikers of all different ranges of abilities because of the impressive Andes peaks that surround the area. Bariloche is one of the best spots to go hiking for new hikers especially because Bariloche has been well adapted for visitors of all types where the more intense hikes can end with a car ride home instead of back down the way you came up. Cerro Lopez is a good hiking option to consider!

2. Mountain Biking

This also means that there are a variety of different mountain biking routes to truly take in the landscape that makes up much of the lake district of Argentina. Find yourself riding up and down the steep inclines and descents of this mountainous region. The terrain can be tough with some of the routes paved, and others where you are riding trails, but no matter what route you end up taking, you will be pleasantly surprised. You never know, you may just end up on the beach for the sunset after a long ride to catch the sun setting over the Andes. 

3. Chocolate

what to do in Bariloche

This may not necessarily be the longest or most intense activity that you will find to do in Bariloche, but it just may be the tastiest. Bariloche is known for its fine chocolate because of the large population of original german and swiss settlers to the region. As immigrants to Argentina, they brought with them their talent for making delectable chocolate confections, but also as the winter months come around, some of the richest hot chocolate that you will ever taste. Be sure not to miss out on such a yummy treat. There’s even a chocolate museum you can check out if you’re really looking for something to do.

4. Kayaking

Bariloche - Family trip Kayak

Find yourself gliding across the pristine waters of the lake district. Each stroke will be peaceful and soothing as you find yourself surrounded by mountains on all sides, with still water that is clearer than you can imagine. Kayak your way around to explore Bariloche from a different perspective and let you truly connect with the wind, water, and land. This is definitely a great option for those who are looking to have a more active vacation.

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