5 Cheap Flights to Argentina that you Cannot Miss

Argentina Travel Posted on 05/26/2022

We know you think flying to one of the Southernmost countries in the world may sound a little too much expensive. Lucky for you we are here to tell you it is not! Continue reading to find out how to get cheap flights to Argentina. Let this South American adventure begin!

1. How to get to Argentina

Although cruises can be fun as well, the fastest and easiest way is to find cheap flights to Argentina, and here we will show you how. The jumping-off point for all travelers seeking to discover Argentina’s marvel is its capital city, Buenos Aires. Why? Because is the main hub of all airlines flying across the country. 

If you are flying to Argentina from the USA or Europe you will land at Ministro Pistarini International Airport, in Buenos Aires for sure.

Airlines flying to Argentina

Some of the airlines flying to Argentina from the USA or Europe are:

Lufthansa, Iberia, Air Europa, Air France, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, KLM, Sky Airlines, and Turkish Airlines.

An excellent airline to book cheap flights to Argentina is Level. Get to know the Land of Silver on a budget-friendly adventure!


2. Five Cheap Flights to Argentina

  • Latam Airlines offers flights from u$d1600 flying from Los Angeles, USA to Buenos Aires. However, you can also find cheaper flights from u$s600. Before purchasing any of them, make sure of terms and conditions regarding cancelation policy and luggage allowances.
  • New York and Miami are the US cities that have the cheapest flights to Argentina starting from u$s 297.
  • 3- According to JetCost, flights from Houston, Dallas, or Washington to Argentina range from u$s 1,100 up to u$s 1,269.
  • 4- Chicago, Denver, and Dallas flights to Argentina range from u$s900.
  • 5- If visiting from Europe, Air Europa offers the best deals. However, there are some cities where you can find cheaper flights to Argentina:




*Information updated on May 2022

3. Cheap domestic flights in Argentina

Domestic flights are the fastest way to get to know such an extensive territory as Argentina. As we said, Buenos Aires is the main hubspot where flights depart to main attractions in the country. However, here are 3 domestic flights routes to find cheap flights to avoid Buenos Aires stopover:

El Calafate – Ushuaia

You can save some money (and time) by flying to Ushuaia, the End of the World city, spending some days over, and then flying directly to the Land of Glaciers, El Calafate. The only airline flying to Ushuaia, Argentina round trip to El Calafate is Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Northern Argentina – Salta and Jujuy

Discover Jujuy and Salta’s natural works of art. Infinite Salt Flats and the imposing 7 Colours mountain await you. Afterward, why not travel to one of the seven natural wonders? Yes! Cheap flights in Argentina can be found between Salta and Iguazu. Falls and Salt flats, who’s in?

Bariloche – Mendoza

As well, you can connect the pristine lakes in Patagonia with the land of wine and sun on a cheap direct flight. Airline flying both air routes, Bariloche – Mendoza and Northern Argentina – Iguazu Falls, is JetSmart, a low-cost airline where you can buy excellent cheap flights to Argentina’s best attractions.

4. Bonus track tips to find cheap flights

Travel in low season

Avoid traveling during Argentina’s Winter or Summer Holidays: cheap flights to Argentina will be hard to find unless you plan your visit between March – June or between August and November. Traveling in the Low season will for sure save you a lot of money.

If your dates for traveling are not that flexible, we suggest you search Air Europa’s flights, as they are the cheapest flight to Argentina in comparison to other airlines.

Travel light

Traveling light can almost always assure you a cheap flight. Airlines increase the value of their ticket the more luggage you add, because of weight on board: more weight, more co2 emitted, the more money they have to pay to compensate for it. If you still need it, you can rent lockers in Buenos Aires, upon your arrival, so that you can board domestic flights without too much luggage. Travel light and enjoy your flight!


So, everything is set! Catch your friendly-budget flight and begin your adventure!

Now, you are ready to explore the Land of Silver and marvel at the wonders that await you in this stunning country!

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