4 Salta Wineries to Visit

Foodies' Guide Posted on 06/17/2019

Salta’s wine gem, the Torrontés grape variety, is a very big deal for many wine lovers.
Below we recommend our favorite wineries in Salta.

Updated to April 2024

Altough Torrontés are produced in Salta, San Juan, and La Rioja, Cafayate city in Salta province, has built a strong reputation for the high quality of its Torrontés wines.

1. Why Torrontés is so good in Salta?

The region enjoys a particular microclimate due to its high altitude and scarce rainfall, offering exceptional conditions for the development of grapevines.

Torrontés wines are both delicious and fruity, and their strong flavors make them utterly unique on the palate.

2. The best wineries in Cafayate (Salta)

Piatelli Vineyards

Owned by a businessman with a keen eye for success, Piatelli Vineyards was created by Jon Malinski, who first invested in Mendoza’s potential back in 2001.

Ten years later, he decided to expand on the success of his wines by acquiring what now has proven to be one of the top-notch vineyards in Cafayate; Piattelli.

Led by Valeria Antolin, the daughter of a famous winemaking family, they offer a delicious variety of wines: Torrontés, Malbec, Malbec-Tannat, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • They are open all year long and, with a reservation, you can enjoy an exciting wine tasting or even a picnic in the estate after a tour around the winery.


This winery is the oldest in the country and has been in operation since 1831.

In 2003, the new owner opened a luxury hotel on the property, and sometime later added the James Turrell Museum of Modern Art and the visitors center.

Responsible tourism

The Hess family, the new owners, have a true and committed view on social responsibility towards the Colomé town.

As a matter of fact, they’ve helped to build the community center and the church, also lending a hand in the improvements made in the school and the townhouses.

In addition, they are able to employ most of the people living in the village at the vineyard.

  • Nowadays, Bodega Colomé is a synonym for high-quality wines of a wide variety; they produce more than half a million liters per year and export to more than 25 countries around the world.
  • Tours in English are available for a guided walk around the winery and the museum, with the possibility to add a wine tasting and a culinary experience.


This vineyard is located 5 miles away from Cafayate and has produced excellent wines since 1913.

This winery is the product of two friends whose love for high-quality wines helped them decide to make a business venture together.

Michel Rolland – a world-renowned French vintner- and Arnaldo Etchart -the owner of the famed Etchart winery- joined forces to make Malbec, Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Torrontés under the combined label of San Pedro de Yacochuya.

Although they do not accept overnight guests, just visiting Yacochuya gives you the opportunity to meet one of Cafayate’s gems.


This wine-tourism entrepreneurship provides an alternative experience for those who’d like to spend their free time in Cachi differently.

Their proposal invites visitors to enjoy the silence, the magic, and the immensity of the Andes.

In addition to being an excellent choice for accommodation, they offer a variety of activities to engage travelers:

  • A walk around the vineyards.
  • A guided tour through the winery.
  • Depending on the time of year, pruning, harvesting or vintaging are available.

If you choose to plan your trip during August, for the Pachamama’s Festival, you’ll be able to see the traditional harvesting of fruits and vegetables take place.

Visiting Miraluna allows travelers to reconnect with the values of nature, environmental conservation, and the ancestral culture of the Andes.

Written by Cecilia Carmona

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