What to Wear in Salta

Argentina Travel Posted on 02/15/2018

Before heading off to a new destination there are a few things you always do before you depart. One of these things is check the weather.

Updated to April 2024

Salta has a subtropical highland climate which is commonly found at high altitudes near tropical climates. The city of Salta is located 1,152 meters (3780 feet) above sea level, in the Lerma Valley. The climate is generally pleasant, especially during the Argentine summer. Knowing this, you’ll have an idea of what to wear, or better yet, what to pack when traveling to Salta, but the following information might help you avoid making mistakes so that you can have the best vacation possible. 

1. Bring Rain Gear

The average temperature in summer months is around 30º C (85º F) and in winter months around 20º C (65º F). Salta brings you hot, wet summers, and cool, dry winters. It is important to note that the daily high and low temperatures are usually quite far apart (on average 12º C or 22º F difference). So what does that mean for you? Be prepared for everything. Your trip will be more enjoyable if you dress in layers, bring a rain jacket or umbrella because you never know what will happen. Luckily, Salta only expriences rain at night, which means you can normally enjoy dry weather during the day, but you ever know what may happen. 

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2. Bring Sunscreen

Since Salta is relatively close to the equator, the sun can be intense. As a result, sunscreen is something you will definitely need in Salta. Also, to make sure you’re extra protected, wear a hat and sunglasses to block the sun. 

3. Bring excursion appropriate gear

When choosing which clothes you will pack, take a second to think about the kinds of things you will be doing on your trip.  Walking up San Bernard Hill can be tough on your feet, legs and water supply. If you think that a hike is part of your activities, make sure to pack good shoes, waterbottles and clothes that you can comfortably hike in.  If you plan on going rafting, a swim suit might be thrown into the mix or nice dresses and shirts may be critical if you opt for a fancy night on the town. Although, you won’t need to dress up too much in Salta. 

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4. Bring good shoes

For your trip to Salta you’ll definitely want to bring some good shoes that will protect you from the rain and will also keep you warm during those cooler evenings as the temperature drops of with the desert heat. 

With the Salta specific items packed, don’t forget the essentials: enough shorts, shirts and underwear for your to be covered throughout your entire trip.

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