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Posted on 04/25/2016 Tips & Recommendations

Visit Iguazu Falls: Where to Get the Best Views

At the point where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet, and the border between Brazil and Argentina, you’ll find the mighty Iguazu waterfalls. Iguazu is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Not a bad meeting point for the countries. As you might imagine, this Argentina attraction is not your average waterfall. It’s unlike any other on Earth, making it one of the most spectacularly breathtaking sights on this planet.

Iguazu Falls have been named one of the seven natural wonders of the world. When you enter the park, there are two main circuits—upper and lower, which include many winding trails you can take through the rainforest flora to explore and see different viewpoints of the falls. But, the big question: where to get the best view?

Argentina or Brazil? The long-lasting rivalry between the two neighbors makes for competition over who is home to the better view. Well, we say Argentina. For one huge reason—the view at Devil’s Throat. This vantage point from the Argentinean side is undoubtedly the best in the entire park. It’s also the closest view you can get of the Iguazu Falls, without actually being enveloped by the mighty waters. However, you will definitely get sprayed and soaked by waterfall mist so watch out! If this natural wonder of the world wasn’t on your bucket list, it should be now. After you visit Iguazu Falls, the bar will be set high for all other waterfalls. Sorry, Niagra, South America goes bigger.

To get up close and personal with nature while you visit Iguazu Falls, take a boat ride in the river to view the huge falls from below. Trust me, they seem even more powerful when you’re basically inside of them! This is not your calm and peaceful boat tour, it’s a thrilling ride! If you get seasick easily, take that into consideration. And definitely don’t forget to bring a towel or change of clothes—it’s guaranteed you’ll get wet! The park is full of exotic and colorful birds and butterflies.

There is a great lunch spot in the middle of the park, where you can stop for a bite to eat. Although you cannot see Iguazu Falls from this area, keep your eye out for coatís, these harmless raccoon-like mammals are friendly and may want to share your lunch! Also, if you’re lucky you might spot a wild toucan or even a jaguar lurking in the park.

For more info on the majestic falls, check this out. Or, to visit Iguazu Falls for yourself, get in touch with us at Say Hueque today!

Written by Chloe Moore

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