Things to Do in Salta, Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/18/2016

Some of the biggest draws to visitors to Northwestern Argentina are not only the quaint colonial towns but the numerous outdoor activities in Salta and the surrounding provinces. Of the limitless experiences Salta offers, a great number of them are focused on the great outdoors. Check out this list of things you can do in Salta, Argentina.

There is a wide range of options for all visitors, from relaxed hikes to fear-defying hang-gliding. Horseback riding, canoeing, trekking, 4×4 safaris, and cave exploring are among the more peaceful options, but if you’re looking to get your adrenaline flowing, you can also experience zip-lining, ATV riding, rafting, canoeing, 4×4 safaris, cave exploring, sandboarding, and mountaineering. If you are someone who enjoys immersing yourself in the beauty of nature and is looking to experience the majestic landscape of the Argentine northwest, you won’t run out of things to do in Salta! Here are some of the special outdoor activities in Salta for you to enjoy on your Northern Argentina Trip.

1. Bungee Jumping at Dique Cabra Corral

things to do in salta argentina

85 km to the south of Salta city lies the beautiful lake Dique Cabra Corral. This beautiful spot in Argentina provides entertainment for visitors of all ages, with activities appropriate for everyone from families with small children to large groups of friends. There are numerous attractions located at the lake like speed boating, toboggans, rafting, picnics on the coast, or at a lakeside restaurant. Don’t miss the opportunity to bungee jump over the water!

2. Hike Cerro San Bernardo

The perfect place to take a challenging and rewarding climb to the top of a small mountain is Cerro San Bernardo. The hike is mostly comprised of steps, so be prepared for a 30-minute hike of stairs. If climbing steps isn’t your cup of tea, you can take one-way or roundtrip rides on the cable car that reaches the top. Grab a coffee at the cafe at the top and soak in the view of Salta city below and the surrounding mountain ranges.

3. River Rafting on the Juramento River (Rio Juramento)

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Two hours outside of downtown Salta, arrive at the Juramento River in the south of Salta Province to experience a unique activity. When traveling to the northwest of Argentina, this is your opportunity to get wet and wild on class two and three rapids. After an afternoon break, head over to the zipline where you will traverse the river you just rafted on. The longest zipline is over 1,900 feet!

4. Sandboarding in Salta Province

While traveling to Argentina, probably the least well-known activity on our list of things to do in Salta, you may be asking yourself, what exactly is sandboarding? For those who know nothing about this adventure sport, it is often compared to snowboarding, the main difference between the two being the surface on which you board. A big advantage of sandboarding over snowboarding is that you don’t need 5 layers of clothes to keep you warm. All you need is the right shoes and a helmet with glasses and you’re good to go. Salta’s landscape is ideal for sandboarding, and there are many small tourism offices in the city of Salta where you can sign up for a sandboarding excursion on the spot.

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