The Salinas Grandes in Salta Province

Argentina Travel Posted on 09/27/2018

Cruising across the wide open landscapes we approached the Salinas Grande (Great Salt Flats) of Northern Argentina. The following post was written by one of Say Hueque’s interns who had the opportunity to visit the Salinas Grandes (Great Salt Flats) in Salta province.

Updated to April 2024

1. Arriving at Salinas Grandes

As we approached the Salinas Grande, our guide Fernando advised us that we had arrived well before the other organized tour groups which meant that we would have plenty of time to enjoy the site nearly by ourselves.

Just imagine, our small group of 5 independent travelers (2 Americans, 2 Argentines, and a Spaniard) had the morning to explore the Salt Flats and have fun taking photographs in the endless landscape of pure white.

According to Fernando, the Salinas Grandes of Argentina are approximately 8300 square km, or nearly 60km from end to end and they are an increasingly important source of income for the region of Northern Argentina- namely for salt and potassium mining though there are other minerals mined in the area too.

Walking through Salinas Grande in Northern Argentina

2. Enjoying the Landscapes

With bright sunshine and a mild breeze, we spent the next hour or two taking photographs to our heart´s content. That said, one of the best things about the Salinas Grande is that space and time seem to blend together and what appears to be miles away, is just right in front of you!

We had a great time photographing one another in front of the mini-salt pools and walking along the wide-open spaces as the white expanse seemed to go on forever.

Taking photos in the Salinas Grande in Northern Argentina

From the Salinas Grandes, we continued to the lovely mountain town of Purmamarca, Jujuy! 

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