4 Top Spots to See Wildlife in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 06/06/2023

Animals in Argentina are an attraction in itself. Argentina is dotted with areas that have stunning open spaces for friendly fauna to wander around freely. From the vast plains of the Pampas to the pristine glaciers of Patagonia, there are numerous top spots to see wildlife in Argentina. Additionally, there are many wildlife sanctuaries to protect the beautiful animals in Argentina in their native land you can support with your visit. Read more about it.

From flamingos, armadillos, and jaguars to whales, penguins, and ancient sea turtles, Argentina is surely resided by some of the most spectacular species on the planet. Here are the must-go-to spots for you to visit if you wish to encounter animals in Argentina in their natural habitat.

1.     Animals in Argentina – The Valdes Peninsula

Where to: Peninsula Valdes (Province of Chubut)

Argentina’s almost barren peninsula is the ultimate spot for marine life interaction. The approximately 360,000 hectares have been transformed into a UNESCO World Heritage site where the aquatic animals in Argentina live freely on the edges of the 400km coastline.

Here you will be able to swim amidst sea lions, get to befriend elephant seals, and witness the great big southern right whale. The latter is an endangered species that would have become extinct if not for this reserve. You can witness the breathtaking sight of whales breaching, observe playful sea lion colonies, and even spot orcas hunting along the coast.

Animals-in-Argentina - 4-Top-spot-to-see-wildlife-in-peninsula-valdes

2.     The Call of the Jungle

Where to: Iguazú National Park (Puerto Iguazú, Province of Misiones)

Once you have beheld and admired the tumbling waters of Iguazu Falls, you can head on to a splendid safari trail.

The luscious landscapes and thick trees of Argentina are thriving with wild animals. The area is home to many rare species like the gigantic otters, giant anteaters, and deer-like hares. They are also bustling with land prowlers like the jaguar, howler monkeys, capybara, and anacondas. Indeed the right spot to see animals in Argentina!


Where to: Yacutinga Private Nature Reserve (Puerto Iguazú, Province of Misiones)

Are you patient enough to bird-watch?

If yes, then this reserve is the best place for you to hang out among the feathered friends. The tropical region of Misiones Province has a warm climate and dense forests. Thus, these conditions make it the perfect spot for birds to nestle in.

There are up to 320 diverse species of birds fluttering about this reserve. They range from burrowing parrots and hummingbirds to the rare noisy caciques and long-beaked toucans.


3.     Penguin’s Private Lands

Where to: Puerto Deseado (Province of Santa Cruz)

As a kid, you may have thought penguins only lived in the cold white poles of the earth. We imagined them huddled near igloos and skidding across frozen glaciers all year long.

However, you do not have to go that far to see the cute tuxedo-clad creatures. Near the edge of Argentina lies the Penguin Island. It is a remote recluse for these flightless birds to live in. Almost a thousand rockhopper penguins waddle around the island. 

The Magellanic Penguin

Their neighbors are their cousins a heavily populated colony of Magellanic penguins. Moreover, while visiting these homebodies, you will also be able to see the black-browed albatrosses, red-legged cormorants, and southern petrels take flight.


These extraordinary animals in Argentina are for sure worth your visit. To start planning your trip to see wildlife in Argentina, visit our wildlife tours or talk to our travel experts and let the adventure begin!

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