Travel to Antarctica: Tips for Planning Your Trip

Patagonia Travel Posted on 02/12/2019

If you are a passionate traveler who desires to travel all around the world, you probably have Antarctica on your bucket list as well.  However, a visit to the Antarctic region isn’t about checking it off of your bucket list; it needs some serious planning and preparation if you want to make the most of your trip to the seventh continent.

Updated to May 2023

1. Antarctica a very-well planned adventure

Travel to Antarctica…quite brave of you, isn’t it? Considering the frozen wilderness of that place and the eerie remoteness that is a solitude lovers’ paradise, so to speak. Despite this, Antarctica still receives about 50,000 visitors and tourists each summer. Here are some tips for planning a trip to Antarctica to have an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience.

The Ocean's Endeavour and an exploration to Antartica.


2. Antarctica indispensable planning tips

Plan Out Your Budget

Pricing and budget is probably the first thing you should consider before even planning anything. How much are you willing to spend on your trip? Also, if it’s peak season, ticket and airline prices are going to be sky-high which you also need to consider.

  • If you are going to Antarctica, you are obviously going to book one of those Antarctica cruises for which you have to pay for yourself. So if you have a low budget, you might want to look out for discounted cruises. These are just a few of several things that you must keep in mind when planning a trip to this region.


Consider the Time of the Year

When planning a trip, it is very important to weigh out your options about the different times of the year during which you can travel. Speaking of Antarctica:

  • Their cruises run during the summer because the waters get too icy during the winter season and the weather is too harsh for the ships to be able to trek properly.
  • So, the ideal time for your travels to Antarctica is during November–March, the summer months during which you will be able to enjoy the most.


Go kayaking in Antartica and meet whales.

Travel Mode Options

A key decision that one needs to make when traveling to places like Antarctica is how to get there, considering how remote and distant they are. For Antarctica, you can either travel:

  • By boat or by plane.
  • If traveling by sea, you will be able to enjoy sea crossing and coastal explorations,
  • By air, you will get to witness some of the most breathtaking scenic views from high up in the sky.
  • With either option, you must carefully weigh out the pros and cons and see which one best fits your requirements.

3. Wildlife

Whenever we think of Antarctica, a picture of penguins instantly jumps to our minds. However, penguins are not the only fascinating creatures in Antarctica. The wandering albatross circling and diving in the skies is a thrilling sight to see as well.   So make sure to keep your eyes on the sky when you are crossing the legendary Drake Passage. 

Penguins jumping into the water in Antarctica.

4. Season

If you are not a fan of wildlife and they scare you then the best time for you to visit Antarctica is during the summers. Not our summers, but Antarctica’s which lasts from November till March. The penguins also come to shore for courtship purposes during these months as well.

5. Landscape

Many people are doubtful about the sceneries in Antarctica, imagining it as a place full of ice and water. Though it’s true, the ice and waters of Antarctica are unlike any others. The remoteness and painted shades of blue and white are what make Antarctica ethereal, almost otherworldly. The gigantic glaciers, jagged mountains, and fields upon fields of ice appeal to adventurous souls. So don’t go to Antarctica thinking of it as a barren ice-land, or you’ll be in for a shock.

Traveler admiring the Antarctic Península.

6. Antarctica Cruise, tips on the road

What to wear

Are you planning to dress in fifteen layers of warm clothes because it is Antarctica? Well, don’t. The air of Antarctica is crisp, clean, and clear. You might want to experience some of it.

Don’t forget your camera

Take a high-quality camera and learn some photography skills, because even if you are not a camera addict, you will want to take some pictures of these incredible sites seen by very few.

Antarctica, a natural reserve

Before you step into Antarctica, you may want to remember that Antarctica has no government. The Antarctic Treaty has declared it a natural reserve and free land. So if you can handle the cold, you know where to go.

These are just a couple of important things to consider when planning a trip to Antarctica, however, there is much more to it like clothing, things to pack, health and safety tips, etc.

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