Landscapes of the North & The Wine Country

Landscapes of the North & The Wine Country

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  • Discover the colorful streets of Buenos Aires, full of amazing architectural wonders.
  • Fly to Salta to start your exploration of Calchaquí Valley and Humahuaca Gorge
  • Visit the wine country, to spend some time sipping world renowned Malbec
  • Best time to travel: All year around

In this travel adventure to Argentina come to discover delicious parrillas (barbecues) and stunning tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Jujuy and the Seven Color Hill rising above the quaint village of Purmamarca, and taste some of the best traditional Argentine cuisine in Mendoza, hometown of the stunning Mount Aconcagua.  


Welcome to your travel adventure to Argentina
First stop, Buenos Aires


  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel – Day at leisure

Upon arrival,we will drive you to the city and you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy Buenos Aires at your own pace. Buenos Aires is a marvelous, energetic, cosmopolitan city, full of color and different styles of architecture. 

The capital of Argentina, and described as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires proudly embraces its title, and also shows off plenty of its own culture! Argentinians are usually eager to host visitors; if you walk the streets with a map, someone will surely stop and ask if you need directions…that’s just our spirit! 


Say Hueque Tips

  • Our recommendations for your first day in Buenos Aires

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, che! (“che” means “guy” in Argentina). For this first day, feel free to wander the cobblestone streets lined with outdoor cafes, enjoy the mouthwatering aroma of world-famous Argentine beef sizzling on an open parrilla (barbeque), and browse the local antique and artisan markets that offer plenty of bargain shopping.



Buenos Aires city tour & tango show


  • Half-day city tour through Buenos Aires

In the morning we will pick you up from your hotel to enjoy our 5-hour Buenos Aires city tour—you will be swept away by the highlights of our beloved Buenos Aires! Over the course of a half-day you will have the chance to visit the historical and political center of the city; Plaza de Mayo and the Pink House (the presidential house).

Next, we’ll move on to San Telmo, with its cobblestone streets and the oldest residential neighborhood, and then to La Boca where Buenos Aires turns colorful and tango is ever-present. Come walk Caminito street and dance with the locals. The next stop is the chic and aristocratic Recoleta, where the big palaces remind us why Buenos Aires is called the “Paris of the South”.


  • Dinner and tango show 

In the evening we’ll pick you up from your hotel to take you to a mystical place where you’ll discover one of our most ancient traditions. Tango is more than our national dance… tango is our immigrant origins, the talent of our local artists, the sensuality of Argentine women and our way to deal with a broken heart; dancing our way through tragic, and yet eternal, love stories.

Tonight you will enjoy a 3-hour professional display of tango and music with a group of local artists on stage immersed in an elegant and alluring place. The manners, ambiance, clothes and dance steps which tango-lovers used to practice 100 years ago will come to life again and you will travel back in time for a night.

This spectacular tango show in Buenos Aires will be accompanied by delicious Argentine and international cuisine. Dinner is all-inclusive, beverages included so you can lose yourself in the ethereal taste of Malbec wine. At the end of the evening, around midnight, you will be driven back to your hotel, fully in love with the bohemian spirit of our incredible city.


Say Hueque Tips

  • What you need to know about tango culture in Buenos Aires

Tango is, all in all, a cultural experience that’s deeply rooted in Argentine hearts. Where do regular people go dancing tango? There is an immense number of dance halls or milongas in Buenos Aires. Some of our favorites are La Viruta -beginners friendly- and Salon Canning -with more advanced clientele- in Palermo neighborhood. Tango has evolved a big deal in the past years, and now there are also LGBT milongas that encourage a most inclusive practice. 



Fly to Salta


  • Transfer from your hotel to Buenos Aires airport

Today, prepare to continue your travel adventure to Argentina and fly to the incredible North of Argentina! At the appropriate time we’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport to take your flight to Salta, also called “La Linda” (the beautiful). 


  • Transfer to the airport to your hotel in – Day at leisure

Upon arrival, we’ll meet at the airport and we’ll drive you to your hotel. Take the rest of the afternoon to explore the city. Bear in mind that this is a stress-free hub: la siesta (mid-day nap) is kind of a religious ritual for locals, which means that between 1 pm and 5 pm shops are usually closed.

Salta is the selected jumping-off point for travelers seeking to explore the North of Argentina. From here, you can visit the most outstanding natural wonders of the area: the Humahuaca Gorge, and the Seven Colors Hill located in Jujuy, a bordering province which is also famous worldwide.


Say Hueque Tips

  • What to do on your first day touring Salta?

Salta has it all: the geographical diversity (red, green and brown-tinted mountains) and the vast history—it is in these time-honored lands that men fought for the freedom of Argentina. Make the most of your time in the city and:

Admire the colonial architecture, the lively cafés in the main plaza (great people-watching spot) and try the traditional “tamales”.

Visit the vibrant and authentic peñas, which are places where locals grab a table to watch their favorite folkloric singers, and after a glass of wine (or two) everyone joins in for dancing. “¿Bailamos?” (Shall we dance?): it’s all you need to say to start the party!



Salta & Jujuy trips in 4x4
Safari to the Clouds – Salt Flats – Purmamarca


  • Full-day Safari to the clouds and Great Salt Flats – Night in Jujuy

 Today you’ll travel to the clouds—no exaggeration, this is your first natural highlight in your adventure trip to Argentina! We’ll pick you up at your hotel in a $WD vehicle to start a two-day trip to Purmamarca and the Great Salt Flats, a solid ocean of white, 13,100 feet above sea level!

During this 10-hour trip we’ll travel along the same route as the famous ‘Train to the Clouds,’ zig-zagging on lonely roads between the blue sky and the high desert plains. On our way, we will visit historic ruins and small scattered villages.

Our first destination is the small town of Campo Quijano, best known as the Gateway to the Puna. Later, we will visit the impressive Quebrada del Toro, a natural wonder where human-sized cacti stand amongst a backdrop of eroded mountain peaks which emerge from the golden sand like giant fingers. Here, we’ll stop for a refreshing coffee break.

We’ll keep on traveling to Santa Rosa de Tastil, a pre-Incan city of the XIII century, and right after, to San Antonio de los Cobres, the headquarters of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) Celebration. The cherry on top will be the surreal landscape of the Great Salt Flats. The natural light and reflections provide the perfect opportunity for endless photo fun. Test your creativity! And be careful where you step; there are artificial water pools around the area.

At the end of your adventure in the Great Salt Flats we’ll take you to your hotel in Purmamarca, located at the base of Jujuy’s famed Seven Color Hill.


Say Hueque Tips

  • What to bring to this tour and what to do in Purmamarca

For this 2-day trip we recommend that you leave your luggage in your hotel in Salta, and just take a day pack on the excursion. For your free evening in Purmamarca, we recommend that you take a walk around the main plaza and visit the ancient Santa Rosa de Lima Church.



Salta & Jujuy trips
Humahuaca Gorge


  • Full-day visit to Humahuaca Gorge  – Night in Salta

We’ll pick you up early in the morning to begin your 13-hour trip exploring the Humahuaca Gorge, declared a UNESCO Heritage Site. Humahuaca Gorge is home to a bunch of amazing natural monuments like the Seven Color Hill, the Pucará de Tilcara (a ramshackled yet well-restored fortress), and the Paleta del Pintor (Painter Palette) in Maimará village, an impressive multi-colored mountain range.

Our adventurous path will then lead us through the Yungas (the green-tinted jungle of the North), past breathtaking natural monuments until ultimately reaching the picturesque town of Humahuaca. Wander amongst colonial houses and streets, get a feel for the old-world serenity that still survives in this setting, and grab some lunch (not included) in one of the typical taverns; the humita (a traditional corn-based dish) is something you definitely must try!

In the afternoon, we’ll keep on traveling until we get to the little Uquía Church, where you’ll see some peculiar paintings from the colonial period, called Pinturas Cuzqueñas. For the potential astrologists, we’ll pass by the famous Tropic of Capricorn milestone and finally arrive in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, the second biggest capital of the Argentine North region, after Salta. We’ll visit the cathedral, the main square, and the presidential house of Jujuy, nicknamed Tacita de Plata (silver cup) after the wealthy city, Cadiz, in Spain.

At the end of the day, we’ll drive you back to your hotel in Salta. If you feel like having a particularly nice evening, walk Balcarce Street and choose the bar or peña that suits you the most!



Calchaquí Valley excursion


  • Full-day visit to Calchaquí Valley

On this Calchaqui Valley adventure you’ll immerse yourself directly into the forbidding universe of  Las Conchas Gorge, where erosion has carved mysterious red shapes into the rocks.

Get prepared to visit this Natural Reserve for about 5 hours, to enjoy the views of its colorful hills while you go down its red-tinted promontories and discover the most particular rocky highlights: the Frog, the Obelisk and the Castles.

The highlight of the day will be the Amphitheater and the famous Devil’s Throat. The Amphitheater is a natural semicircular formation (65 feet high), and is home to intimate concerts performed by local artists. Get inside and check out the amazing acoustics by singing your favorite tune! Nearby, the Devil’s Throat awaits, right at the end of Las Conchas Gorge. Going down this particular rocky formation, you’ll feel like you’re right in the belly of a giant!

At the end of the day, we’ll take you back to Salta. Enjoy the evening going to a peña to mingle with locals and eat the empanada salteña, a special variation of this popular Argentine dish.



Travel to Mendoza
The land of Argentine Malbec


  • Transfer from your hotel to Salta airport

Today, we’ll pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the local airport—it’s time to continue your travel adventure to Argentina and fly to the Wine Country! Argentine wines are world-famous; you’ll soon discover that their smooth flavor is no secret.


  • Transfer from Mendoza airport to your hotel

Upon arrival at Mendoza airport, we will drive you to your hotel. Mendoza is the heartland of Malbec grape (and other tasty types) and home of impressive mountains like the forbidding Aconcagua, the tantalizing summit for seasoned climbers around the world. it’s the top eclectic destination of Argentina. From snow-capped mountains to untamed rivers and sunny vineyards, there is an option for every taste.  This is the perfect destination for romantic getaways but also the right place to go for healthy impressive outdoor sports—adventurous, hiking, rafting, rappel and zipline among many others. Summertime is the best period for adventure!


Say Hueque Tips

Our recommended activities in Mendoza:

  • Take a horseback riding and relax in one of the most stunning natural settings around the Andean Mountain Range. Know and watch the flora, fauna, geology, traditions, gastronomy and history of the region. 
  • Explore the area of Chacras de Coria in an original way by biking through the Wine Road of Lujan de Cuyo. Ride along with beautiful country houses, luxuriant tree-lined roads visiting world-class vineyards 



Mendoza wine tour


  • Half-day visit to wineries in Luján de Cuyo

Take a 4-hour trip to visit two of the best wineries in the area with a small group and a bilingual guide. Discover Argentina’s most famous wines and learn the secrets of the wine-making process directly from the experts.

We’ll travel 30 min. away from the city of Mendoza to Lujan de Cuyo,  where the perfect combination of fertile valleys and high mountains create the perfect conditions for world-renowned wineries to settled down. Today, you’ll travel around the area and soak up the wine philosophy, all while tasting the delicious, locally-produced Cabernet and Malbec grapes guided by a wine expert. In the afternoon we’ll take you back to your hotel to enjoy another relaxing evening in town.


High mountain experience


  • Discover the treasures of Los Andes Mountain Range

Have you ever climbed high in life? Today is your chance! You’ll visit the Cordillera de Los Andes, one of the largest mountain ranges in the world, and the backbone of Latin America.

This day starts bright and early in the morning, right after breakfast. We’ll pick you up at your hotel and take you on a 12-hour trip to visit stunning viewpoints and discover stunning views of Mount Aconcagua (22600 f.a.s.l), the second-highest peak in the world after the Himalaya Range.

Make sure to bring your coat! Even in Summer, it always gets cold at higher altitudes. We’ll take National Route 7 to get to the impressive Potrerillos’ viewpoint, where you’ll see a colossal dam at the edge of the enthralling Cacheuta Valley, famous for its thermal waters.

Further ahead, the Puente del Inca will arise at the verge of Las Cuevas river. This beautiful natural monument is famous for its healing hot springs and its golden-tinted rocks. There was a time when this bridge didn’t even exist. The legend says that a group of Inca warriors, trying to help the emperor’s son to reach the healing waters, grabbed their hands and made a human bridge which the gods decided to transform into the actual rocky bridge.     

From here, you’ll also appreciate the magnificence of Mount Aconcagua, the “Colossus of America”. We’ll continue visiting Los Penitentes, the famous ski center, and in the town of Las Cuevas (at 10500 f.a.s.l) we’ll stop to have lunch (not included) before heading to the Cristo Redentor de los Andes (Andes Christ Redeemer).

Only available in Summer and if weather permits, we’ll drive to the giant bronze statue, created in 1904 to preserve peace between Chile and Argentina. In the afternoon, after having visited this paradise in the sky, we’ll take you back to your hotel.


Fly back to Buenos Aires


  • Transfer from your hotel to Mendoza airport

This is the end of your northern trip. At the appropriate time, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport to take your flight back to Buenos Aires. 


  • Transfer from Buenos Aires airport to your hotel

Upon arrival, we’ll meet at the airport and drive you to your hotel.


  • How would you like to spend your afternoon in the city? Here are some ideas: 

You can explore the cobblestone, tree-lined streets of Palermo Soho in search of some one-of-a-kind Porteño fashion stores or discover the graffiti circuit. 

You may stop by one of our historic cafés (named “cafés notables”) located all over the city and have a “cortado”, the most popular Argentine coffee choice.

If you’re leaving on a Saturday or Sunday, you may have the chance to visit one of the city markets, only open during weekends. 



Day at leisure
Buenos Aires


  • Optional tours – Full-day visit to a traditional ranch in La Pampa 

On your free day in Buenos Aires, you can discover the secrets of La Pampa and Argentina’s rural culture. Argentina is world-famous for its fútbol (soccer) players, but also for the vastness of its green-tinted fields, best known as ‘La Pampa’. That endless land at the edge of the horizon is still home to the descendants of the first gauchos (Argentine cowboys), who still care for and work the land as their ancestors taught them to.

There are still some estancias (ranches) that preserve the gaucho traditions, located in picturesque towns within Buenos Aires’ province. One of the most alluring estancias is El Ombú de Areco, a colonial-style working ranch built in 1880 that is located in the town of San Antonio de Areco, where gaucho traditions are ever-present.

Today, we’ll pick you up at your hotel to begin a 9-hour visit to this time-honored ranch. Learn about the gaucho culture and traditions, strolling around the beautiful old streets, museums and ancient pulperías (grocery stores) in San Antonio de Areco before heading to El Ombú.

Once you’re in the estancia, enjoy a typical asado (barbecue) before either a horseback ride in nature or a relaxing bike ride. For those who like to take things slow while on vacation, there is a peaceful swimming pool (only available in summer) and many sunny relaxation areas where you can take la siesta (an afternoon nap). At the end of the day, we’ll take you back to your hotel in Buenos Aires.



The end of your journey


  • Transfer from your hotel to Buenos Aires airport

It’s the last day of your travel adventure to Argentine… we hope to see you back here soon! At the appropriate time, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the international airport to take your flight back home.

Did you know that Patagonia is just 3 hours away by plane from Buenos Aires? If you want to discover these southern natural wonders, we have some trip ideas so you can keep on exploring Argentina.


If this trip doesn’t meet your expectations we can tailor it to your needs and budget.

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  • Prices in US Dollars.
  • Valid until April 2023 (ask for prices in Christmas and New Year).
  • Prices are per person, based on 2 people in double occupancy. Single rates are available on request.
  • Flights are not included in the price, but can be arranged on request.
  • We care deeply about our planet, as we know you do. When you book with us, the carbon emissions from your trip are 100% offset. We are working to create more sustainable, responsible and meaningful ways of exploring South America.


We care deeply about our planet, as we know you do. When you book with us, the carbon emissions from your trip are 100% offset. We are working to create more sustainable, responsible and meaningful ways of exploring South America. It feels good to do it right. Learn more about our actions against climate change here.


  • 4-night accommodation in Buenos Aires
  • 3-night accommodation in Salta
  • 1-night accommodation in Purmamarca
  • 3-night accommodation in Mendoza
  • Daily breakfast
  • Meals according to the itinerary: Snacks and dinner on day 2; lunch on day 6; snack on day 9
  • Transfers & tours mentioned in the itinerary
  • Bilingual local guides


  •  International or domestic flights.
  •  National Park entrance fees
  •  Travel / Medical Insurance – To get a free quote please follow this link: World Nomads


Buenos Aires – Salta – Mendoza – Buenos Aires

Flights in South America cost approximately $150 to $300 USD per segment (destination). We offer special rates on flights for this tailor-made itinerary.


Buenos Aires – Salta – Mendoza – Buenos Aires

Flights in South America cost approximately $150 to $300 USD per segment (destination). We offer special rates on flights for this tailor-made itinerary.