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We had a wonderful time on our trip to Argentina

Hola Veronica!! It's so good to hear from you ! Our trip back was long but thank god uneventful….all our luggage made it safely too. We still had one holyday and gave us a chanceto rest and be with our family before going back to the daily routine. How are you? Did you recover from that sleepless night ??? To sum up our experience in your country we could say that you have a beautiful and exciting country with lovely welcoming people. From our guides we learned a lot about the history, politics and geography of the place. Our guides were very good, their english is excelent which helped since we do not speak your language, they all seem to love their work, love nature. We can reccomend especially Federico from Bariloche. We loved the jeep trip and the guide in Ushuaia, the boat rides to the islands. The hotels were very nice and even the weather was nice to us…If there was something that was spoiling it for us it was the flights not being on time..but that is not your fault. All we can say is a big thank you for being there for us the last night and day, it helped having you around… Thank you for the recipe, we will try it for sure ! Dear Veronica, we enjoyed having you as our guide, your dedication and devotion and your warm personality, (not to talk about your good looks…) We'll be happy to keep in touch and you are always welcome in Israel and in our homes. All the best, Love Sarah and Gerard Lea and Haim


Alina Ciulin

We had a great time

Dear Veronica, Thank you for your email. Sorry for getting back to you now. Regarding our trip to Argentina, first of all we would like to point out that we had a great time in spite of the cancellation we had with Aerolines Argentina. We will definitely go back to visit the cities we missed on this trip. Secondarily, we had a few complaints about our trip: 1. Aerolineas Argentina which their customer service is very poor. They attitude at the airport was rude and careless. 2. Posta Sur Hotel, in the room was very hot and we were unable to sleep one night so that caused us being tired next day for the Big Ice trip. 3. In Iguazu, when we had the Iguazu falls on Argentinian side trip, the guide was not good at all. She was not organised at all and she did not show any pruves that she knew what she was doing. Unfortunately, we did not have time to download our pictures so we are unable to send you a picture now. When we have the pictures we will send one to you. Hope that the above is useful to you. Kind regards, Alina & Gordon



The trip was beyond my expectations

Hi Veronica, sorry it took me some time to write, but I've been extremely busy with work and extra curricular activities. I want to start by thanking you for working with Roxie Seidl and doing an excellent job with all the bookings we requested. We were very impressed with the punctuality of all our tours and the enthusiasm of all the guides we had. The hotel accommodations were wonderful. Everything went well during the 15 days on our trip except for the last tour we took to Uruguay. However, it was minor, but most important Say Hueque worked with us and actually reimbursed us money. Most impressive, it was all done with a smile. My dream was to go to Iguazu falls and the experience was absolutely breath taking. I'm attaching my favorite picture. I'll end by stating that the trip was beyond my expectations and Say Hueque and our broker in San Antonio, Roxie Seidl made this possible. I will definitely recommend your services to everyone I know.



We fell in love with your beautiful country

Hola Carmen! Thank you for the recipe, and the wine suggestions; it just so happens that we particularly enjoyed empanadas while we were there. Our overall experience in Argentina was most positive; we fell in love with your beautiful country, and particularly Buenos Aires, where we spent the better part of a week. The side trips to Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier that you (Mariano) arranged for us went very well, with the exception of the weather, over which I don’t think you had any control. Your representative in Puerto Iguazu did a satisfactory job, and the hotel was very nice. Your representative in El Calafate, Huellas del Sur, however, did an outstanding job. We were picked up in clean comfortable vans equipped with PA systems, so the guides could be heard by all. Our guide, a young woman by the name of Paola provided a very informative dialogue on the history of the area, and details on the glacier on the way up to the glacier, and on the way back. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The hotel in El Calafate, Posta Sur, was minimal. The staff was not particularly friendly, the room was very small, and the cold breakfast offering was on a par with a cheap chain hotel (think Super 8). I was stunned by the difference between the total lack of tourist attractions (shops and restaurants) in Puerto Iguazu, and the highly commercialized development of El Calafate. Aside from the spectacular Falls and Glacier, the highlights of the trip for me were the Carlos Gardel Tango Show, and listening to Esteban Morgado and a concertina player live under the giant tree in Parque tres de Febrero on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed meeting Mariano at the office in Palermo during our stay just a few blocks from there. it’s always nice to put a face and personality to all those E-mails. By the way, you can tell Mariano that my being refused the glacier hike because I’m too old was probably a blessing in disguise! I have attached a photo of the happy travelers. Thanks for your concern. The Fischers


Charl Du Plessis

Our tour to Argentina was an amazing experience

Hi Carmen, Our tour to Argentina was an amazing experience. The arrangements were perfect and all the people that were involved with the tour were professional and have made your wonderful country so much more enjoyable. Could we please ask you to convey our thanks to every person that assisted in making our trip so enjoyable? Kind Regards, Charl Du Plessis and Louise Leijenaar



THANK YOU for a job well done

We extend our congratulations to Cecilia, Veronica and team Say Hueque for putting together a wonderful trip. We chose the 21 day Patagonian adventure plus 4 days in Rio de Janeiro for our 25th wedding anniversary. The honey moon vacation went very well thanks to the co-operating agencies along with a competent, energetic and caring Say Hueque staff. We were especially impressed with the smooth transfers, central location of all our hotels, their quality and most of all the hospitality of the Argentinean people. We covered a lot of ground and had no problems whatsoever. The sights, the people, the food were all incredible. We had five National Parks on the agenda and we managed to see them all. We walked on Perito Moreno Glacier, hiked to Mount Fitz Roy, trekked the magnificent Torres del Paine, canoed Lapatia River to the end of the world in Ushuaia, watched Patagonian’s wildlife on the Peninsula Valdes and Punta Tombo and explored the sensational Iguazu Falls. We started our journey in sunny Buenos Aires dancing Argentinean tango and finished with the samba in Rio. Sadly, the trip is over but the music will stay with us forever! THANK YOU for a job well done. Elizabeth and Roman


Milena Yotsova

Everything was well organized and efficiently performed

Hola dear Carmen, Of course we remember you and of course we would always remember this fantastic trip to these splendid lands. How can we forget Tierra del Fuego, Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno, Buenos Aires - it was so exciting to canoe in Beagle channel with sea lions popping their heads around us, bathing in the Falls and riding in Patagonia. Absolutely gorgeous. What hit us most spectacularly was the nature and the wondeful views that can't be seen elsewhere. As for the food and wines, oh, what can I say? Adorable wines, I am big fan of Argentinan wines, we buy Trapiche in Bulgaria, but the variety in Argentina reminded me of a paradise. We'll definitely come back in 2017. Regarding our feedback - your company did great job. We were very pleased with all the services - transfers, guides, activities, hotels, attitude. It is a brilliant idea to meet the passengers after the long flight and have a cup of coffee with them while briefing them on the agenda. The wine gift was also such a nice sign of attention. Escorting the tourists to the airport on departing is also a good idea. Everything was well organised and efficiently performed. Well, the critical note I have is about that penguin issue. From the very start I had mentioned that we definitely want to see penguins and when I found out that the original excursion did not include this adventure, I was furious. Anyway, we managed to make it on our own and actually, this is not an issue. An issue might be your operator in Iguazu - Caracol or something similar, I forgot the name. We would recommend that you diversify your local operators by adding someone else. Caracol need to improve the competence of their guides, the organization of transfers and the accuracy. And finally, the hotel in BA - Gran Hotel Argentino, what are these guys doing with their a/c maintenance? We have never heard louder air conditioner, it was a real disaster, all the rooms had the same problem - intolerable noise and very poor functioning of the a/c at the same time. As mentioned earlier, nothing can shadow the lovely memories we'll keep from this great journey, I am sharing all this as a healthy friendly critic. By the way, a colleague of my sister has already contacted Mariano from your company to fix a trip for Sept. And more friends are interested in going to Argentina so dear Carmen, we'll try to enhance the contacts between AR and BG:) I'll try the empanada recipe, as for the wine, we are ready to jump on the plane to BA and to taste some wine on your own turf:) Sooner or later, we'll make it. I am sending you 2 pictures - from Colonia in Uruguay and from Patagonia. How we wish to be able to come more often, I am in love with Tierra del Fuego, the most fantastic place I have ever seen. Well, we'll stay in touch, if you happen to travel to Europe, note us immediately. All the best of luck to you in person and to the entire office, keep going ahead and enjoy life. Milena and Jenny



I had a great time in Argentina

Hola Veronica! I had a great time in Argentina. Somehow, I managed to get a lot of 'unusual' weather through Patagonia. Which meant blue skies, no wind, no rain! It was amazing. Of course there were a few days of rain and wind here and there, but never enough to detract much from the great places I was in. I saw some amazing sights that I will never forget. The Mount Fitz Roy trekking in El Chalten was my favourite. It was a clear day, no wind, so I felt comfortable to do the final trail 'Laguna de Los Tres'. Very hard, but the end result was the most amazing view. Highly recommended! The photo is from the trail to Mount Fitz Roy, about an hour and a half in (it's a 4 hour trek). Also got to see some great wildlife which was exciting. And just letting you know that the $65 refund has come through. Thanks! Thanks very much for organising this. I am looking forward to seeing more of South America in the coming months :) And thanks for the empanada recipe and wines! I think I will have to make these empanadas, they sound yummy! Thanks, Emma

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