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Dave Craig

An unforgettable trip to some beautiful parts of the world

Hola Mariana! We had a great time, thanks so much for all the help! It would have been very hard to plan this trip without Say Hueque. It was an unforgettable trip to some beautiful parts of the world. We really enjoyed visiting Argentina and Chile, and found everyone to be very friendly and helpful. All of the excursions went smoothly, and I would certainly recommend Say Hueque to anyone considering a similar trip. I don't want you to think that we didn't have a good time, i just have a lot of suggestions :) We enjoyed our stay in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the trip. We were a bit worried about the flight to El Calafate, since many flights were being canceled that day, after a few long hours waiting at the airport, we made it. The glacier trek was really cool, very special to see the glacier up close. It would have been nice to have the Park Entry fee of 100 pesos/person (cash required) mentioned in the itinerary so we would be prepared. We had no trouble getting to El Chalten, and found it to be beautiful as well. Perhaps a map of each city we were going to visit, with the hotel and bus terminal marked would be nice. We found that Hosteria Senderos is right across from the bus station, but we saw other travelers (maybe not with Say Hueque) get cabs only to go across the street since they didn't know where it was. We enjoyed hiking in El Chalten, and also went on a horseback ride at Bonanza. Back in El Calafate, we had no trouble with a cab back to Posta Sur, and a pickup by Always Glaciers (very early) the next morning. After we crossed into Chile, we were told that we would need 15.000 Chilean Pesos/person for the park entrance fee. There was no ATM at the border crossing, so we were glad we had enough cash to exchange (though the rates for argentine pesos were very bad). We enjoyed Torres Del Paine, also a beautiful area. I've attached a picture of us at the base of the Torres. When we arrived in Puerto Natales, we had to ask directions to get from buses gomez to the buses pacheco office. Again, a map would have been helpful here. It was only ~6 blocks, but we were uncertain if we were going the right way. We were able to get on an earlier bus to Punta Arenas, which was nice. We had a great time in Ushuaia. Again, there was a 85 peso/person park entry fee that we were not aware of ahead of time, so the bus had to stop at an ATM for us. The guided trekking was a little bit slow, but the lunch from nunatek was great (sodas, wine, bread and cheese, hot soup, coffee and tea), and the rafting in the river was a lot of fun. The Beagle Channel boat trip was good as well. We had a bit of trouble finding our driver at the airport back in BA, as you probably remember, but eventually we did. I don't know if it's feasible, but perhaps offering your travelers a mobile phone for the duration of their trip, with important numbers already programmed in would be possible. I would have gladly paid a bit more for this, since it was sometimes difficult to find a pay phone when we needed help. It would also allow you to reach us when there is a change, such as our flight home on the last day. Thank you for putting together a wonderful trip for us! David


Katie Hughes

We loved every minute of our trip

Hola Mariana, As I mentioned, we loved every minute of our trip, and were so impressed with Argentina in general. Friendly people, beautiful architecture, amazing natural flora and fauna, and a well-developed tourism infrastructure made our trip really special. Tango Porteno was wonderful...we loved the show and dinner. And, after spending 3 days in Buenos Aires we enjoyed having a quiet day in Colonia. We really enjoyed our city tour. Being in a smaller group was a lot more fun than being on a big tour bus and it was a great overview of Buenos Aires in a short amount of time. We had a great time on our whale-watching trip and we really loved Punto Tombo. It's unbelievable how close you can get to the penguins and the chance to see the penguins, whales, and sea lions up close in their natural habitat is once-in-a-lifetime. I can't recommend Huinca...they tried to double charge us for our whale watching tour and the part of the tour after Punto Tombo, when they took us to Gaiman and Trelew, they took us and basically dropped us off for free time. There's not much to do in Gaiman and Trelew if you are on your own. We visited the paleontology museum and had lunch, but we thought we'd be with a group going for tea and on a guided tour of the museum, and that's not what Huinca does. Not enough for us to complain, just not what we expected. Huinca also tried to double charge several other people who were on our tour. It seems to be what they do. The minitrekking was out of this world!! That tour is spectacular. Not only the hike, but also the whiskey, the boat ride, and then they take you up to view the glaciar from the new platforms. Great, great, day. I'll never forget that experience as long as I live. It was truly the highlight of our trip. The support we received from Say Hueque was wonderful and exceeded our expectations. Mariana, your meeting us at the airport, waiting with us while we changed money, and taking the time to review our itinerary with us, word by word, when we arrived at the hotel really made us feel secure that we'd made a great choice working with Say Hueque. We really appreciated being taken to the hotel in a private car, with you as our guide, instead of being on a huge bus. We appreciated your help on our last day,seeing us off at the aiport, and we loved the bottle of wine! The personalized attention that we received from you and from our sales rep, Mariano, made our trip very special and comfortable. Even when we arrived back in Buenos Aires from El Calafate, our flight was diverted from Aeroparque to Ezeiza due to ash, and was two hours late, arriving at 2am, and there was a guy with a big smile waiting for us at the airport to get us to our hotel...fabulous. I would recommend Say Hueque to anyone traveling in Argentina. We thank you whole-heartedly for your excellent service and support during our amazing trip. You do a great job and we'll remember this trip happily for the rest of our lives! Thanks again and best wishes from the freezing USA, Katie


Terri Johnson

We had a great time on the Australis boat trip

Hola Veronica, Of course I remember you - the lovely young woman who came at 02:45 in the morning to pick us up and take us to the airport!!! The rest of our trip was without problems - we had a great time. This is a picture of Kathy and me at the end of the continent. Of all the things we did, I'd have to say that the Stella Australis boat trip was one of the very best. That and Valparaiso were probably my favorite parts (I had already spent 3 weeks in Buenos Aires 4 years ago). We met a couple of travel writers from Australia who had taken the boat trip in both directions. They said the north to south direction was the better (albeit more expensive) direction if you could only do one way. I tell you this to pass along to your clients. I don't know if I'll be lucky enough to do it again, but I'll go the other way if I do. Also to pass on to your clients - avoid Aerolineas Argentina when at all possible. We were truly amazed by the number of stories we heard about travel plans ruined by that airline. We would have gladly payed a bit more to fly LAN had we known the reputation of A.A. Other than that, 2 days in Punta Arenas was probably too long (and the hotel just a bit ordinary) - all other arrangements you made for us were great. We were picked up and delivered as planned with NO problems. This was a new experience for me (getting picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel) and I must say - it was REALLY nice! We received credit from Say Hueque just a few days after we spoke - thank you for your prompt attention. Thanks so much for the empanada recipe. I will be trying it soon. We had lots of good food on our trip and one of my favorites from Argentina was the empanadas! The seafood in Chile is a must. I hope all's well in B.A. Don't hesitate to ask if I can provide any more info and / or you come to San Francisco! Fondly, Terri Johnson



recently traveled extensively in Argentina. Say Hueque set up our entire trip, including in country air tickets, hotels, local tours and local pick ups to and from the airports. They did a great job arranging the entire trip by email from the US.

I recently traveled extensively in Argentina. Say Hueque set up our entire trip, including in country air tickets, hotels, local tours and local pick ups to and from the airports. They did a great job arranging the entire trip by email from the US. Once we got to Buenos Aires they had a local rep from the company leave a welcome letter and present (bottle of wine). Every new place we went had an instructional letter waiting for us. We always knew where we were going. On departure from BA we were greeted by the local tour representative to make sure all had gone well. The price is right, and I recommend this travel agent to anyone going to Argentina. Thank you Say Hueque! Greetings, Doug, the US


Debi Rector

It was the perfect trip

Hi Araka and Veronica, Sorry it has taken so long to write you regarding our fantastic trip. We can't thank you enough for your superb service. We were extremely impressed by every tour operator and guide on our trip. They were all very knowledgeable and friendly. The accommodations in each city visited exceeded our expectations. The hotel staff in each city made us feel like family. We were fortunate to have spectacular weather and enjoyed missing the crowds of the high season. The only change we might suggest is an extra day or two in El Chalten. We would have enjoyed more exploring in that area. All in all it was the perfect trip and we thank you so much for keeping an eye on us throughout the adventure. We will HIGHLY recommend Say Hueque to anyone seeking an adventure in Patagonia. Please feel free to use us as a reference. I will send a couple of separate emails with some of my pictures. In sincere appreciation, Larry and Debi Rector Thank you Veronica for the wine list (we DID love the wines) and the empanada recipe. We brought home some Torrontes and Malbec wines.....yum, yum.....and are looking for some more in our local markets.


Mary Casaro

Our trip was exciting and unforgettable

Hi Veronica, how are you? We are still fascinated from the images, atmosphere and suggestions of Argentina... of course coming back and return to work had been hard but necessary! Unfortunately we don’t meet you the last day in Buenos Aires, we would like to say you goodbye and to thank you and Say Hueque for the great work; the feedback of the trip is absolutely positive. Our trip in Patagonia had been exciting and unforgettable, we liked it very much, we enjoyed the wonderful nature, the kindness of people, the good food and good wine. Concerning tour services and organization everything has gone as it must: all flights, transfers, excursions had been on time and precise; of course, we preferred something more than other thing and would spend more time in some places respect of other places. In a schematic way I try to highlight our main notes: About Buenos Aires: - We liked this town very much, we found a certain familiarity with it - Hotel Savoy was wonderful; elegant, clean, good breakfast, helpful and kind staff, everything was perfect - The city visit with you, had been interesting and pleasant and you have been really nice, but you already know - The dinner&tango show had been nice but we find it a little “turistic” or “artificial”; maybe I had a wrong idea of tango show in Argentina; however the food was very good and place and service refined About Puerto Madryn: - Hotel Los Tulipanos was very nice, warm and homely but a little far from city center - Excursion to peninsula Valdes and whale watching had been probably the most exciting experience of all trip... of course whales did their part. - The organization of excursion, number of person, places we visit, tour guide, everything had been fantastic - Excursion to punta Tombo: we loved this excursion too, and we found penguins funny and amusing; our tour guide was very competent and give us lot of information about life and habits of those strange birds - We didn’t find the same interest in the visit of Gaiman and Trelew; maybe we should prefer visiting some other naturalistic place About El Calafate: - Kau Kalenshen Hotel was a very nice place to stay in El Calafate; in the city center, with a nice interior garden and tea room; the staff was welcoming and helpful - we appreciated also the vegetarian restaurant - Excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier was fine; the view of the glacier from the boat was impressive - we would appreciate one day more in El Calafate for visiting other glacier of Argentinean Lake (Upsala, Onelli,....) About El Chalten: - Posada Barranco was still closed (it had opened in november) and they give us a “cabana”. It was, a very comfortable and romantic wood cabin that challenge the wind - Because the posada was closed, we had to prepare breakfast by ourselves, however the cuisine was furnished of all we need - The owner of Posada del Barranco, was very nice, he came take us to the bus station, help us to back up our photos and video from camera and provided all the information we need About Torres Del Paine: - Excursion to Torres del Paine had been an interesting overview of this fantastic area - The Hotel Las Torres was very nice, inside the park in a very suggestive scenery - the only place to eat was the expensive buffet restaurant of the hotel, in our opinion it is not up to the hotel quality and to the price; low quality and variety of menu and service About Puerto Natales/Punta Arenas/Ushuaia: - This transfer by bus to Ushuaia had been very tiring; maybe what we liked less in the tour because distances were too long and we passed 2 day changing different buses without time to see nothing: we stay only 2 hour in Puerto Natales waiting the bus to Punta Arenas where we arrived very late in the evening, so we couldn’t see nothing - The second day the trip between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia had been longer: it took about 18 hours to arrive at Ushuaia because we waited 6 hour for the wind to stop before crossing the Magellan Straits - Definitely I think the better was to come back to El Calafate from Torres Del Paine and then take the fight to Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego Hotel in Punta Arenas was very nice and confortable but we stay really few hours About Ushuaia: - Hosteria Linares was, between the hotels we stayed, the most basic; the rooms was very small, the breakfast not exciting; we liked the position of the hotel in the city center and the nice view of Ushuaia port but nothing else - We enjoy very much the “Tierra del Fuego National Park – Trekking & Canoeing in the National Park” excursion; a funny day in the national park that compensated us for the exhausting travel of the days before - Beagle Channel Cruise has been our last excursion before coming back in Buenos Aires; it had been a unique experience seeing bird, animals and landscape so unusual for us - I think it should be nice staying one day more in Ushuaia and doing other excursion in this area, to see penguin’s island or some other island or park I send you some photo... even the one you did in Buenos Aires! Thank you for the recipe; I will try to do my best! Bye, Mary & Attilio



We had a wonderful time on our trip to Argentina

Hola Veronica!! It's so good to hear from you ! Our trip back was long but thank god uneventful….all our luggage made it safely too. We still had one holyday and gave us a chanceto rest and be with our family before going back to the daily routine. How are you? Did you recover from that sleepless night ??? To sum up our experience in your country we could say that you have a beautiful and exciting country with lovely welcoming people. From our guides we learned a lot about the history, politics and geography of the place. Our guides were very good, their english is excelent which helped since we do not speak your language, they all seem to love their work, love nature. We can reccomend especially Federico from Bariloche. We loved the jeep trip and the guide in Ushuaia, the boat rides to the islands. The hotels were very nice and even the weather was nice to us…If there was something that was spoiling it for us it was the flights not being on time..but that is not your fault. All we can say is a big thank you for being there for us the last night and day, it helped having you around… Thank you for the recipe, we will try it for sure ! Dear Veronica, we enjoyed having you as our guide, your dedication and devotion and your warm personality, (not to talk about your good looks…) We'll be happy to keep in touch and you are always welcome in Israel and in our homes. All the best, Love Sarah and Gerard Lea and Haim


Alina Ciulin

We had a great time

Dear Veronica, Thank you for your email. Sorry for getting back to you now. Regarding our trip to Argentina, first of all we would like to point out that we had a great time in spite of the cancellation we had with Aerolines Argentina. We will definitely go back to visit the cities we missed on this trip. Secondarily, we had a few complaints about our trip: 1. Aerolineas Argentina which their customer service is very poor. They attitude at the airport was rude and careless. 2. Posta Sur Hotel, in the room was very hot and we were unable to sleep one night so that caused us being tired next day for the Big Ice trip. 3. In Iguazu, when we had the Iguazu falls on Argentinian side trip, the guide was not good at all. She was not organised at all and she did not show any pruves that she knew what she was doing. Unfortunately, we did not have time to download our pictures so we are unable to send you a picture now. When we have the pictures we will send one to you. Hope that the above is useful to you. Kind regards, Alina & Gordon

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