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You've given us such a wonderful memory of your beautiful country!

Dear Ursula,

Happy new year! Just wanted to thank you and your team at Say Hueque for making our honeymoon such a memorable one! We have so many great memories of this trip. Patagonia was so breathtakingly beautiful. We especially enjoyed El Calafate and El Chalten, and the incredible landscapes they had to offer - Perito Moreno, Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Torres del Paine, Laguna Nimez, etc. The penguin and whale-watching at Puerto Madryn was a great and very interesting experience as well. Iguazu Falls was so amazing and it is certainly the most beautiful waterfall site we've seen. Buenos Aires, with its beautiful but unpretentious historical buildings and plazas, offered such a refreshing city experience. Argentina is an incredible country and we certainly don't regret making it our honeymoon destination!

As non-Spanish speaking travellers, the seamless service provided by Say Hueque and its appointed local agencies was crucial in providing a hassle-free journey. We could always count on being received by our English-speaking guides/drivers at the end of a flight or bus ride who will transfer us to our accommodation and answer any questions we might have.

The accommodations selected by Say Hueque also met our expectations on the whole with their clean rooms and friendly staff. We especially want to highlight Cauquenes de Nimez as our favourite accommodation on the trip. The location is quaint and beautiful, the premise is homely, and the staff are top-notch. We felt more like friends, than guests of that place.

We also want to thank Mariano for his patience in helping us plan this trip. We had so many emails back and forth over a period of many months in order to craft out an itinerary that catered to the sights we had in mind and as well as a budget we were comfortable with. He was always prompt in his replies, while I'd take ages to send mine. In the end the itinerary was very well-planned and well-paced given the amount of time we had.

Well done Say Hueque! You've given us such a wonderful memory of your beautiful country!

Annette & Weihao

- Annette Chen
We were very happy with our experience

Hi Veronica,

Here are my comments:

Hotels: we only stayed in 2. The Hotel If Patagonia in Natales was nice, with modern styling and efficient rooms. The location was good. The Hotel Tierra del Fuego was a bit dated but suited our purposes. Both hotels (and others we booked on our own) were very hot…that seemed to be a theme in Patagonia.

Best of traveling with Say Hueque: having logistical details (especially buses) already planned out.

Overall we were very happy with the experience, although there was some initial stress about not having the true W circuit booked, this was worked out. The people at Fantastico Sur were very helpful, also.

Picture attached.



- Brian Quiniff
We have had a fantastic time, thanks in large part to the package Say Hueque put together for us

Hi Ursula,

Thank you for checking in with us. We have had a fantastic time, thanks in large part to the package Say Hueque put together for us. Highlights include the wine tour, the Andes, and of course all of the amazing food! All of the tour companies and hotels were professional, friendly, and beyond helpful. We have to call particular attention to the Hotel Bohemia in Mendoza - the owners really went above and beyond to make us feel at home. But we wouldn't hesitate to recommend any aspect of our trip to anybody and everybody - especially SayHueque itself!

We are spending a few more days in BA and a couple of days in Montevideo before we head back to the States. (Mauro gave me a couple of heladeria recommendations that have been spot on!!) It will be hard to go back! I am so in love with Argentina. I'm sure you will be hearing from us again when we plan future trips!

My phone won't let me attach a photo, but I will send one separately.

Thanks again,

- Jessica Liese
Yesterday we arrived in Italy! We suffer already of South American syndrome !! Ah Ah! Sure we 'd like to come back in Argentina very very soon!

Hi Kelvin and Say Hueque!

Yesterday we arrived in Italy! We suffer already of South American syndrome !! Ah Ah! Sure we 'd like to come back in Argentina very very soon!

We've travelled in Chile too: Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and also Santiago! We' travelled through Liberatodor Pass to Mendoza! We' ve loved the ANDES!

We liked The Posada in Puerto Madryn , but also The Hainen , It's difficult to explain which was the best! We've also loved Argentian People but also the Chilian (if it's possible to say it to an argentian ! )

Patogonia is amazing! Although also Buenos Aires is a wonderful city! In BA we've spent our nights in Dandy Royal Mansion, it'very charming.

Of course we'd like to learn an empanada recipe!!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon ! Ciao Hasta luego!

Chiara e Marco, Italy

- Chiara e Marco
Thank you again for your help. I have already recommended your agency to friends who have since traveled to Argentina.

My husband Dave and I would like to thank you for your service and help in booking our around Argentina trip in February. Everything you planned worked out beautifully.

The hotels, transportation and tours were excellent. The agencies were always there when we arrived at a new city.

The tours you recommended were the best to get to know each region. We would not have known which ones to take without your help.

The hotels and Inns met our expectations and we met many interesting and friendly people from all over the world. My husband’s favorite hotel was the Orquideas Palace in Iguazu because of their breakfast and dinner buffets. My favorite was the Hotel Bohemia in Mendoza as I liked the fact that they served low fat yogurt and a variety of melons and fresh fruit for breakfast.

In Salta we had Esteban as our guide for four days. We quickly became friends. He was knowledgeable and his English was very good. On our first tour we were the only ones the first day and shared the second day with a lady from Uruguay. On the second two day tour we shared the trip with a couple from Australia. Esteban was an excellent driver which was very important as it had rained heavily the day before we took the tour and the unpaved road was washed out in many spots. Esteban was able to maneuver his way through the running water. We felt save in his hands.

In El Calafate I was particularly impressed by the service provided by the Huellas del Sur Travel Agency of confirming our air flight and printing out our boarding passes before arriving at the airport. This is a service none of the other agencies provided.

Thank you again for your help. I have already recommended your agency to friends who have since traveled to Argentina.

Until we meet again,
Ruth, the USA

- Ruth
One of the most professionally organised and run trips I have ever had the privilege to be on


Thank you so much for you and your teams dedicated support whilst I was in Argentina.
My trip to Argentina was way too short. Three weeks flew by. I had a great opportunity to meet my family in Argentina.

The Asado was to die for, the beef and wine was totally superb and rivaled that of Australian wine and beef, although from my point of view Argentina's wine and beef surpassed that of Australia's.
My trip to El Calafate that was organised by Say Hueque was one of the most professionally organised and run trips I have ever had the privilege to be on. The guides in El Calafate are world class and nothing is ever too hard or difficult for them. There is no language barrier to try and break.
The hotel we stayed at in El Calafate was brilliant, the hotel staff were amazing.
My time in El Calafate was brilliant, the people, staff and guides were all friendly and amazingly helpful.
No picture can truly captulate the true view, feeling of the Glaciers... it is something that is a must see! It is truely an experience I will never forget.
There is nothing about my trip that could be improved upon.

I want to thank you so much for all your hard work and support for my trip to Argentina.
No doubt I will return to Argentina sometime soon, and will contact you to help me visit a new part of Argentina.

Kindest Regards


- Robert
The trip was great and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it

Hola Veronica!

Thanks for your e-mail. Of course, I recall speaking with you on the phone the day we arrived in Buenos Aires. We had a great trip and enjoyed our time in your lovely country. We made it back to New York just fine and survived our first week back at work.

I would be happy to share some impressions of our trip and the logistics. Overall, everything was fine except for the little mix up on the arrival day. My girlfriend and I travelled on different flights and both of us had difficulty meeting the Say Hueque representative at arrivals. I arrived first and could not spot anyone from your office waiting with a sign for me when I emerged from the international arrivals. I wandered around for probably 20 minutes and was about to try to phone your office before I finally spotted Marianne with the sign for my name. My girlfriend Alex missed you completely and ended up getting a ride into the city with the friend she travelled with who booked her trip with another agency and was met at the airport by her driver so it worked out, but it was not optimal. Alex's flight arrived early and she is not a US citizen so she did not have to wait in line to pay the fee so I think she emerged from the arrivals much earlier than you were expecting and after waiting around for 20-30 minutes when she did not find anyone from Say Hueque waiting for her she walked to the other terminal and come back and when she still could not spot anyone from Say Hueque she took the ride with her friend who had a driver waiting for her. She had to pay the driver $25 for the transfer which she was not happy with, but at least she got a ride into the city and I met her at her friend's hotel so everything worked out. To prevent this in the future I would suggest you advise arriving guests exactly where to look for the Say Hueque representative and that they be there early enough to meet the arriving flight. You may also want to consider asking your guests whether they are American citizens or not so you know whether they have to wait in line to pay the fee since if they don't they emerge much earlier from the arrivals hall.

The rest of our trip logistics were fine, but there are a few other points to mention. Our scheduled flight from El Calafate to Ushuaia was cancelled by Aerolinas but I recieved a call at our hotel before we left from the airport by the local agency telling me the flight had been cancelled and that they had rebooked us on the next flight 4 hours later so at least we knew what to expect so I appreciated being informed in advance.

Our room in the hotel "The House" in Ushuaia was in the basement and quite small so we would have preferred a room in the upper level with a view of the city, but it worked out. The breakfast at "The House" was also quite minimal compared to the other hotels we stayed in.

Finally, our last day excursion to the Brazilian side of the Falls in Iguazu was not ideal. We were picked up quite early from the Sheraton (7:45 am) only to be driven to the park entrance on the Brazililan side of the Falls where we waited 45 minutes in the sun to be assigned to a larger group to walk the falls. The guide on the Brazilian side spoke no English at all so we had to rely on translations from other guests to be informed of what was happening. The visit was also very rushed and we were not provided with sufficient explanations of where to meet the group at the end. Due to the crowds on the walkways we became separated from the group and it was only by chance that we recognized some members of our group at the exit and were able to rejoin the group. We had a very tight connection to our flight back to Buenos Aires and by the time we emerged from the park, crossed the border and arrived at the airport it was only 30 minutes before our 14:10 flight. We still had to wait in line to check our luggage and were concerned that we would miss the flight until Aerolinas called out our names and brought us to the front of the line so we ended up making the flight with only minutes to spare. We never even had time for lunch so had to settle for the small sandwich we received on the plane. I would suggest that you allow more time for people to visit the Brazilian side of the Falls to fully enjoy them, that you ensure there is an English language speaking guide available for English speakers and that you not schedule such an early connection back to Buenos Aires. I would have been happy with spending the afternoon in Iguazu so we would have had time for lunch and taking a late afternoon/early evening flight back to BA.

Anyways, overall the trip was great and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it including the hotels, the tours, the fantastic natural wonders and of course the excellent steaks and Malbec! I'm attaching two photos from the Minitrekking on the Perito Moreno glacier (which I would definitely recommend to other guests!) and from Iguazu. Thanks for organizing such a memorable trip and for the "little gift" you left in the hotel the first day as well as for the empanades recipe and wine list below. We hope to return to Argentina again one day and would recommend Say Hueque to other travellers. Please let me know if you need any further information from us.


Ken Rock and Alexandrina Damianova

- Ken Rock
We loved every minute of our trip

Hola Mariana,

As I mentioned, we loved every minute of our trip, and were so impressed with Argentina in general. Friendly people, beautiful architecture, amazing natural flora and fauna, and a well-developed tourism infrastructure made our trip really special.

Tango Porteno was wonderful...we loved the show and dinner. And, after spending 3 days in Buenos Aires we enjoyed having a quiet day in Colonia. We really enjoyed our city tour. Being in a smaller group was a lot more fun than being on a big tour bus and it was a great overview of Buenos Aires in a short amount of time.

We had a great time on our whale-watching trip and we really loved Punto Tombo. It's unbelievable how close you can get to the penguins and the chance to see the penguins, whales, and sea lions up close in their natural habitat is once-in-a-lifetime. I can't recommend Huinca...they tried to double charge us for our whale watching tour and the part of the tour after Punto Tombo, when they took us to Gaiman and Trelew, they took us and basically dropped us off for free time. There's not much to do in Gaiman and Trelew if you are on your own. We visited the paleontology museum and had lunch, but we thought we'd be with a group going for tea and on a guided tour of the museum, and that's not what Huinca does. Not enough for us to complain, just not what we expected. Huinca also tried to double charge several other people who were on our tour. It seems to be what they do.

The minitrekking was out of this world!! That tour is spectacular. Not only the hike, but also the whiskey, the boat ride, and then they take you up to view the glaciar from the new platforms. Great, great, day. I'll never forget that experience as long as I live. It was truly the highlight of our trip.

The support we received from Say Hueque was wonderful and exceeded our expectations. Mariana, your meeting us at the airport, waiting with us while we changed money, and taking the time to review our itinerary with us, word by word, when we arrived at the hotel really made us feel secure that we'd made a great choice working with Say Hueque. We really appreciated being taken to the hotel in a private car, with you as our guide, instead of being on a huge bus. We appreciated your help on our last day,seeing us off at the aiport, and we loved the bottle of wine! The personalized attention that we received from you and from our sales rep, Mariano, made our trip very special and comfortable. Even when we arrived back in Buenos Aires from El Calafate, our flight was diverted from Aeroparque to Ezeiza due to ash, and was two hours late, arriving at 2am, and there was a guy with a big smile waiting for us at the airport to get us to our hotel...fabulous. I would recommend Say Hueque to anyone traveling in Argentina.

We thank you whole-heartedly for your excellent service and support during our amazing trip. You do a great job and we'll remember this trip happily for the rest of our lives!

Thanks again and best wishes from the freezing USA,


- Katie Hughes
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