Travel Tales of Argentina

Posted on 10/13/2020

Leandro Fornaro

Our “porteño” best operator

Leandro is the leader of our operations department. “My mission is to organize and coordinate all services to create great experiences for our clients and help them have a journey to remember.”, says Leandro about his work in Say Hueque, where he landed in 2019 and instantly made a great connection with everyone in the team.

He has a 15-year career working for high-end travel companies. He was born as a “porteño” (how the people from Buenos Aires are nicknamed) and he started traveling throughout the country with his parents when he was just five months old. Since then, he has visited most of the highlight destinations in Argentina and Latin America. He is a huge sports fan (“I think I’ve played all of them!”), he also enjoys literature and photography, two hobbies that accompanied him in every single trip.     



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