Route 40

From Patagonia to Bolivia

The road trip in the Road 40 is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventurous travelers and also for any explorer who wants to feel the marvelous solitude of Patagonia. This route is famous to connect southern Patagonia with Bolivia. Be part of the adventure!

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What is Route 40?

Inaugurated in 1935, the mythical Route 40 is more than five thousand kilometers long and crosses Argentina from north to south, crossing three tourist regions (Cuyo, Patagonia, and the North) and eleven provinces.

What is the origin of this route?

This route follows some sections of the Inca Trail, built in the 15th century by the Inca conquerors to link the southern region of their domains with their capital in Cusco, Peru. Also, in Patagonia, it follows ancestral routes of the Tehuelches, when on foot they wandered in search of their hunting prey (guanacos for example).

What makes Route 40 so amazing?

It’s rich in diversity of landscapes and climates. It is possible to enjoy the most diverse natural wonders if you travel from north to south or vice versa. Besides, you can get to know the myths and legends of the area, taste regional products and typical food. It is a route of extremes.

Do you want to know curious facts about this route?

It is the longest in the country, covering 5194 km, crosses 21 national parks, 18 important rivers, connects 27 mountain passes and reaches almost 5000 meters above sea level at the Abra del Acay in Salta, making it the highest route in America, and also the highest in the world outside the Himalayas.

Where does Route 40 starts and ends?

It starts in the south of the country, in Cabo Vírgenes, province of Santa Cruz, and ends in the north, in La Quiaca, province of Jujuy.

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