Puerto Varas

The "City of Roses"

With our favorite tours to Puerto Varas you'll explore the Chilean Lake District in Patagonia. Go for the amazing 2-day lake crossing into Argentina and explore the other side of Patagonia!

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Where is Puerto Varas?

Puerto Varas is a city of the Chilean Lake District located in the south of the country and at the shore of the Lago Llanquihue. The lake District is part of Chilean Patagonia.

What is the best time to travel to Puerto Varas?

During Spring and Summer (from September to March). However, Winter is an interesting period too since locals celebrate the “Rain Festival” an attraction worthy to be seen (if you like rain…)!

What are the main attractions in Puerto Varas?

The Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes and the Petrohué Falls. The Vicente Perez Rosales National Park is also very popular among hikers. The Llanquihue Lake can be appreciated from the city. For urban explorations, the main attractions are the Monte Calvario (panoramic view of the city), the Lourdes Grotto, and the German-style church, Sagrado Corazón.

What is the Lake Crossing from Bariloche (Arg) to Puerto Varas?

This is a scenic journey to cross the Andes Mountain Range by land and ferry. On the way you’ll discover the Osorno and Calbuco Volcano, the Vicente Rosales National Park (the first to be created in Chile) and the town of Peulla.

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