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Our Chile tours will take you to discover stunning attractions, the driest desert in the world, Chilean Patagonia, home to incredible glaciers and the Andes Mountain Range.

Our trips to Chile show you the best the country has to offer.

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Can I travel to Chile?

Yes! There are no special requirements. However, if you are planning to visit Eastern Island, some paperwork must be done before your visit. Contact us and learn more.

What is the best time of year to visit Chile?

Chile can be visited all year round, but it depends on the area of the country you want to visit when it will be better. Chile is a country of extremes and that’s why the climate and landscape are so varied, just like Argentina. The best time to visit Patagonia is in our summer because the climate is warmer and therefore there are more activities available. If you want to visit the vineyards or the north of the country (Atacama Desert) you can do it all year round, but in winter the north has more pleasant temperatures.

How many days I need to visit Chile?

At least 1 week, the best is to stay 3 nights or more in each area, so it also depends on how many places you want to visit.

Do I need a visa to visit Chile?

It is very important to check the updated information of the Consulates and Embassies of your country. You can apply for an online visa (up to 90 days of validation) on the official websites of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can find more detailed information about how to apply for a Chilean visa in our Argentina Travel Guide.

What are the "must-see" of Chile?

Torres del Paine in Southern Patagonia, the Lakes District in Northern Patagonia, the capital and vineyard area in the center of the country, and the Atacama Desert in the North.

Is it safe to travel to Chile?

Yes, it is safe to travel in the whole country, but as in all countries you have to be careful in big cities like Santiago de Chile.

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What To Do on a Chile Vacation?


Chile is a country of extremes. It is 4,329 kilometers in length, which makes it the longest country in the world, it is home to a great variety of cultures, climates, natural phenomena, and stories that seem incredible. From the Atacama desert to Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, there’s a wonder in every detail and nature on a symphonic scale.

Traveling to Santiago is just an hour away from world-class Chile wineries and skiing. The perfect honeymoon trip starts in the Lake District, surrounded by glacial lakes and volcanoes. Patagonia Chilena is full of adventures and unbelievable landscapes as Patagonia Argentina.

To the north of Chile, the Atacama Desert is a famous attraction and the driest in the world. Departing from the desert town of San Pedro de Atacama, vast salt flats, active geysers, and intense blue lagoons are waiting for travelers.

The most amazing attraction on the desert tour can be seen at night, this is one of the most incredible places for stargazing. With its crystal-clear skies, no light pollution, and 300-plus cloud-free days, it is no surprise why San Pedro de Atacama is an absolute must-visit place for stargazing.

Chile features some of the most pristine parts of our planet, enjoy all these attractions with our tours.


Best Chile Tour Destinations

From its capital, Santiago, to the southernmost fjords, a trip to Chile is the perfect vacation for explorers. You can visit deserts, salt flats, and also lake-side villages and amazing beaches. Heading south, the Patagonian steppe rises and the stunning peaks of Torres del Paine National Park invite all travelers to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime hiking experience. Isla de Pascua, Easter Island, is also a popular, must-visit attraction on a tour to Chile. 


Santiago de Chile

Santiago is the capital of Chile and the largest city in the country. It’s located in the Central Valley and it features an amazing mixture of art deco and neo-gothic architecture with fantastic views of the Andes Mountain Range. It was founded in 1541 by the Spanish crown, and today is a must-stop to include in any of your tours to Chile.

Art collections of pre-Columbian and contemporary art, local markets, beautiful parks like Cerro Santa Lucía and the Mapocho River that flows through the city, are some of the attractions of Santiago. Located just one hour away from vineyards and the Pacific Ocean, there are other attractions you can visit near the city like Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, where most locals prefer to spend their summer vacation.


Torres del Paine

This tourist attraction is located in Chilean Patagonia. Located in southern Chile, Torres del Paine National Park was created in 1959. Its name comes from the distinctive three granite peaks of the Paine mountain range or Paine Massif. Paine comes from the Tehuelche language and means “blue” while torres means “towers” in Spanish. The Tehuelches, known for their hunting skills, were the first community to inhabit this region. Today, Torres del Paine National Park receives thousands of visitors every year looking for adventure. Most of them come to the park for the famous “W” trek, a 5-day hiking trip. 


Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas is located on the shore of Llanquihue Lake, one of the largest lakes in Chile. As part of a government colonization project, it was founded in 1853 by German immigrants. Known as “the city of the roses”, Puerto Varas offers perfect views of the snow-capped and still active Calbuco and Osorno volcanoes. This destination is a perfect option to include in a tour to Chile where travelers seek outdoor sports such as kayaking, fishing and trekking. Don’t miss during winter the “Rain Festival”, when the locals celebrate the abundant seasonal rains. Looking to cross to Argentina? Puerto Varas is also an ideal tourist attraction to reach Argentina through a bus-and-boat trip, enjoy spectacular forested mountains reflected in shimmering lakes while traveling to Bariloche, Argentina. 


Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales, the provincial capital of Ultima Esperanza, is located in the Chilean Patagonia at sea level on the shore of the Señoret Channel. This city is the gateway to the famous Torres del Paine National Park and starting your Patagonian journey here is easy as there are nearby airports. A popular spot to visit is the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, with South America’s largest glacier, the Pio XI or Ana María Glacier. Discover the Milodon Cave and learn about the history of this giant sloth that used to live here in this southernmost part of Chile more than 10,000 years ago. Sail through the Ultima Esperanza fjord and be amazed by the glaciers you’ll find on your trip. You’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors that paint the sky at sunset and the countless activities to do outdoors.


San Pedro de Atacama

Named after the patron saint, San Pedro, San Pedro de Atacama is built around a laid-back oasis in the driest desert of the world! For all the thrill-seekers, it includes the perfect adventures between volcanoes, sand dunes, and lagoons. With a blanket of crystal clear skies at night, this town is an amazing stop for all nature lovers out there. San Pedro is quite small, but it attracts hordes of travelers. Ancient cultures and travelers from all over the world intermingle in this age-old town with dirt roads and adobe homes. Visit the old plaza and learn about the customs of its residents. Make sure to visit the old church. Take in all of the local art, and take a stroll through the workshops of the Craft Village to find out how they keep their traditions alive.

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