What is a trip for couples?

It is a trip focused on memorable moments and more intimate accommodations. Romance and privacy are looked for in this kind of trip.

How are the hotels on these trips?

For these trips it is better to stay in hotels that create a relaxed, comfortable and intimate ambiance and try to avoid hotels with a more familiar atmosphere.

Are the excursions private in couple trips?

They can be private or in small groups, according to your preferences and are selected when planning the trip with your travel advisor.

It's difficult to book dinners at specific locations in Argentina?

No, it is easy, the better if you make them in advance (especially in exclusive restaurants in the main cities: Buenos Aires, Iguazú, Calafate).

Which activities are especially recommended for couples?

Wine tastings, tango classes and shows, milonga tours, bike rides, cooking and cocktail classes, and many other options!