What is and active trip?

Trips where there are excursions in nature that require physical effort, such as walking, climbing, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, etc. are considered active.

Which are the most popular destinations?

Patagonia is an active destination par excellence. There are many options to explore nature in an active way. There are also active tours in Mendoza, northern Argentina and Buenos Aires, such as bike tours.

Anyone can take an active trip?

Everyone who is willing to be in motion with the body can do an active tour, if you prefer to be seated in a vehicle these tours are not the best option for you. Anyway, there are different intensities of active tours, low, moderate and high.

What to wear to enjoy this kind of trip?

Clothes that are comfortable, suitable for being on the move and in nature. Comfortable shoes, pants and a T-shirt. It is also recommended to have a coat, sunscreen and sunglasses. Don’t forget the rechargeable water bottle.

Are they physically demanding?

There are active tours for everyone, from low intensity, to moderate and high demand.