What does it mean to say that a trip is off-the-beaten path?

It means that it is off the conventional touristic circuit. Thus, comfortability leaves room to adventure sometimes, tough minimum standards of comfort are always assured. In these types of trips, weather can be more challenging too since fauna sightseeing and reaching isolated natural spots are the main purpose of these trips. Mingling with locals and their culture too.

What place can be considered "off-the-beaten path"?

All destinations have unconventional explorations if you want to experience adventure, but Uyuni Salt Flats (Bolivia), the Ibera Marshlands (Argentina), or the Atacama Desert (Chile) are some of the most challenging and important destinations of South America.

Can I go with my family on such a trip?

It depends on what your family is like and how they like to travel, but there is always a suitable option for everyone.

Is this type of travel dangerous?

Of course not! If it was dangerous it would not be recommended. There are only a few variables to take into consideration, but with the right information and guidance, you will absolutely enjoy it. In these trips, the chances of living a transformational experience are higher.

Can I do a single exploration "off-the-beaten path" during the trip?

Of course you can, the trips are tailor-made and adapted to the travelers’ preferences.