Calchaquí Valleys

The Colonial Remains and the Gorges

Tour the beautiful Calchaquí Valleys near Salta, take a winding road called Cuesta del Obispo, visit The Devil's Gorge and taste delicious Torrontés wine in Cafayate.

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Is it possible to visit the Calchaquies Valleys in winter?

Yes, the valleys can be visited all year round, though winter is better to avoid the rainy season (summer).

How many days it is recommended to visit the valleys?

You can visit in one day Salta or you can sleep there in Cafayate and Cachi.

What is the main attraction of the Calchaquies Valleys?

The landscapes of the valley, the small Andean villages and the vineyards are the highlights you can’t miss.

Is it possible to drive through the valley?

Yes, the valleys can be visited all year round, although it is best to avoid the rainy season (summer).

What type of wine is produced in the Valley?

The Calchaquí Valley is one of the best areas for growing white grapes, the most outstanding being the Torrontés grape.