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These are our recommended tours to explore the south of Bolivia, travel to meet the land of adventures.

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Which are the visa requirements to travel Bolivia?

It depends on which group your country is in according to the Bolivian foreign Affairs Ministry. There are the countries of group 1 (like Germany, Australia, Chile, Spain, New Zealand, Mexico, etc) whose citizens don’t requiere a visa. Citizen of countries coming from group 2 (like Cuba, Egipt, Rusia, South Africa, etc) can apply for a visa without previous consultation with the National Service of Migration, and citizens coming from countries on group 3 (United States, Iraq, Nigeria, etc) can apply for a visa only with the previous consultation with the National Service of Migration.

Is it safe to travel in Bolivia?

It is safe if you pay attention while traveling. Pickpocketing, scams, and thefts are usual practices, especially in tourist hubs like La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz. Be very careful when withdrawing cash from ATMs, avoid doing it late at night or in isolated places. Avoid going out late at night and take cabs from reputable companies. It’s important to travel with a company that knows the ground and can assure a safe travel experience.

What are the best adventure place in Bolivia?

The most famous is the Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt flats), the largest salt flats in the world. In the area volcanoes, high plain lagoons, and a hotel made of salt can be appreciated. Another adventure place is lake Titikaka, one of the largest and highest lakes in Southamerica, where sits Isla del Sol (Sun Island), and the local traditions are maintained and share with travelers.

When is the best time to travel to Bolivia?

During what is called the “dry season”, from May to October, the winter in South America. July is known to be the coldest month (41 °F) and October the windiest (7 mph).

How many days is it recommended to travel to Bolivia?

It really depends on your interest in this country, but the traditional tour to the Uyuni Salt Flats will normally take 3/4 days. You should add one 1 or 2 days more for your arrival and departure date.

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