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What does a multi-country itinerary mean?

It means that you visit more than 1 country and sleep, at least one night, in more than 1 country. If you cross the border to enjoy a round-trip day-tour, your trip won’t be considered as a multi-country itinerary.

Is it possible to combine more than 2 countries?

Yes, it is possible. It will depend on how many days you will travel, and flight availability. It is recommended to book them as soon as possible.

I have to go through immigration every time I change countries?

Yes, at each border you must show your passport and have all the documents required by each country.

Is it more expensive to travel in more than one country?

Not necessarily, it all depends on the tours you want to do, the category of accommodation and the transportation you will need.

Do I need to exchange money if I change country?

Yes, all countries have their own currency. You can change money in the main cities or at the borders. It is always better to change money in a bank or exchange office in a big city.