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Posted on 04/19/2013 Foodies' Guide

World Malbec Day

Wine, wine and more wine! April is a great month! One day, one celebration for one global wine superstar: Malbec.

Hosted for the first time in April 2011, the World Malbec Day has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and success on an international scale. The success has resulted in more countries being excited to participate in this event. The event celebrates Argentina’s most renowned wine: Malbec. Some of the limelight also shines on typical Argentine food and lifestyle activities. Wine tasting in Buenos Aires and Mendoza has become one of the most popular activities in the past few years. Taking a wine tour is a great way to learn about the delicious Malbec varieties that are grown throughout Argentina.

World Malbec Day

World Malbec Day is an annual event, we can’t wait until it’s April again

Cities across the United States, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil raise their cups and toast to Malbec and Argentinian wine. Tasting Malbec in Argentina on World Malbec Day is a dream for some, and the most exciting cities to celebrate in are Buenos Aires and Mendoza!

The story:

The World Malbec Day is celebrated on April 17th, to commemorate the day when the Argentinian president, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (you might have seen him on your 50 peso bills looking all serious and presidential), officially made it his mission to transform Argentina’s wine industry. Sarmiento talked Michel Aimé Pouget, French soil expert, into bringing new varieties of wines to Argentina; you can guess that among the selection was Malbec. Malbec has since then become a wine associated with Argentina despite its French origins.

Thank this man!

Thank this man every time you have some Malbec!

The Celebration:

What will happen on Wold Malbec Day is city-wide wine tastings. There is always a special event related to World Malbec Day. In 2013 Malbec was featued as an artistic and cultural expression in a great deal of steet art. For example, an Argentine winery group decided to focus its attention to establish a parallel between the young artistic expression of street art and the artful manner in which winemakers bottle the world famous and appreciated Malbec. Events this day include wine tastings, tango performances and food representations in Buenos Aires as well as in 50 diplomatic representations around the world, in collaboration with the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship. The goal of the event is to help Argentina establish itself as a leading exporter of wine and to contribute to the success of the wine industry.

Malbec Grapes in Mendoza

Malbec Grapes in Mendoza

Come out and celebrate World Malbec Day during the month of April by raising your cup and toast to Argentina’s winery success with a glass of delicious Malbec!  And if you are unable to make it to Mendoza to celebrate World Malbec Day, consider trying a wine tasting in Buenos Aires.

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