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Posted on 07/12/2014 Inspirational Trips & News

World Cup Fever In Argentina

Depending on what country you call home, you may or may not be closely following the 2014 World Cup.  However, if you know……anything about Argentina, you’re probably aware of how much fútbol matters in our country. For most Argentines, watching fútbol and supporting Argentina’s national team every 4 years at the World Cup are important components of life. Win or lose, with a rich tradition stretching back to the early stages of our country, the World Cup is always an exciting event in Argentina.

Having won two World Cup titles, both more than 20 years ago, Argentina has failed to advance to the final rounds of the tournament in recent years. Despite this, the Argentine team has never ceased to be an international frontrunner and has patiently awaited the opportunity to return to the championship. After it was decided that the 2014 World Cup would be held in neighboring Brazil, many were optimistic that the Argentine team would take profit from what would surely be a large turnout of Argentine fans. In addition, the team competing for the cup would be composed of some of the best players of the day, namely Leo Messi. These factors, fans believed, would lead to a more successful result than had been seen in recent editions of the World Cup.

After getting off to a mediocre start in the tournament, many believed Argentina’s chances of advancing to the final rounds to be slim. Placed in a relatively easy group of teams for the first round of play, it was no surprise that the team advanced to the second round. It was from this point forward that was uncertain. However, each game after the first round, despite facing some tough teams, Argentina managed to win, leaving their fans more hopeful than ever of another World Cup title.  

Reaching the semifinals for the first time since 1990, Argentina played against the Netherlands on Wednesday, the same day as Argentina’s Independence Day. After playing the full match and extra time with still no score the game advanced to penalty kicks to determine the winner. A few exciting moments later, Argentina emerged from the game successfully, capturing a spot in the championship game to be held on Sunday. This was an incredible moment for the country, as many expected the team to lose long before this point. Rushing to the streets, Argentina fans converged in masses around the famous Obelisk of Buenos Aires to celebrate the win. (The clip below shows a glimpse of this excitement.)

Proud of the success their team has already achieved and hopeful for a victory against Germany in the final match on Sunday, Argentines are in high spirits leading up to the culmination of the 2014 World Cup.

Written by Will Collier

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