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Posted on 09/15/2014 Inspirational Trips & News

Wine and Tango Festival in Mendoza

Let me take you to Mendoza. It is a city in the central-west of Argentina that is best-known for being the breeding ground for some of the best wine in the world. The region around Mendoza is the largest wine-producing area in Latin America making it one of the nine cities in the world that form the network of Great Capitals of Wine. But wine is not the only custom that lives strong in Mendoza. Tango, too, is particularly prominent in this region with regular tango shows and many milongas (tango clubs) occupying Mendoza’s dusty streets.

This month the Ministry of Culture, through the Director of Artistic Activities, together with the Ministry of Tourism, present the seventh edition of the Festival Tango por los Caminos del Vino. This event has established itself over the years as an opportunity to showcase regional culture, combining the traditions of wine-tasting and tango-dancing, and will take place between the 16th and 27th September 2014.

To celebrate the wine and tango festival there will be huge number of things to do. There will be a wide range of music and dance concerts being held in the wineries. Theatres and heritage buildings that have agreed to take part in this initiative will also host live performances. Throughout the month activities and opportunities will continue to be added to the busy schedule of Tango por los Caminos del Vino which include art exhibitions, theatre, clothing fairs, lectures, conferences, workshops, milongas, tango shows in bars and tango shows at the cinema. Beautiful landscapes and incredible wine combined with an exhibition of local dance and music will tie together an experience that both locals and tourists will particularly enjoy.

The official opening ceremony of Tango por los Caminos del Vino will be held on September 16th at the Teatro Independencia in Mendoza and will culminate with the closing ceremony, in the Espacio Cultural Julio Le Parc, on Sunday September 29th. Also in this edition, the wine and tango festival will maintain its customary mark of solidarity, as tickets to the concerts will be exchanged for crates of milk powder to support young children in need of nutrition.

Mendoza invites locals and tourists to enjoy Tango por los Caminos del Vino and to indulge in what the busy month of September brings in Mendoza – a hillside of wine and tango. The festival is also in celebration of wine being declared the ‘national drink’ of Argentina and Mendoza declared as the ‘International Capital of Wine and Tango’ by UNESCO, something understood in Argentina as a historical recognition of Argentine heritage.

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