Where to Dance in Buenos Aires

Argentina Travel Posted on 11/07/2013

Buenos Aires is famed for its sensual dance of Tango.  Dancing arm-in-arm on the streets of San Telmo or in dim milongas is ideal when accompanied……by a glass of Malbec. Despite the popularity of the dance among all generations in the city, Buenos Aires is also known for its throbbing night life. Below is a list of where to dance in Buenos Aires, whether you prefer tango or cumbia or even electronic music.

Buenos Aires - Tango


La Viruta – In order to get to La Viruta, you have to go down a few flights of stairs as the milonga takes place underground. When you first get there, some people may be dancing while some may be watching or snacking on medialunas. You can choose to take a class in tango, rock and roll, swing and salsa. Most classes go from sometime in between 6:30/7 p.m. until 4 in the morning. For the classes you will often have to switch partners every few minutes so they are a great opportunity to meet new people. On Tuesdays, the entrance fee is $40 pesos and the rest of the week it is $45 pesos. You can also get a pass for $120 pesos after your first class, which allows for 4 more classes. La Viruta is located in Palermo.

La Catedral – La Catedral is similar to La Viruta in that you can take classes, meet new people and watch the pros. Here, you can learn how to dance tango or folklore. This milonga, however, takes place upstairs and the place itself is a work of art. Step into La Catedral and you are taken into a decade of the past as the architecture is from 1880. Classes take place every day at different times. La Catedral is located in Almagro.

Night Clubs

Kika – A few blocks down from Plaza Serrano in Palermo, this club is a must. You may be waiting in line for a half hour, but once inside you have the option to dance to reggaeton and cumbia or electronic music. The huge club has 2 grand rooms and a shared bar so it caters to all tastes of music.

El Living – El Living is a two-room nightclub lounge with an indie feel. If you get there around 10 p.m., you can enjoy a full course meal for about $40 pesos and can stay all night for hours of unique music.

Rumi – Rumi is a fun, upscale club with a strict door policy. It is one of the most glamorous clubs in Buenos Aires and often has well-known DJs catering their music to famous models and celebrities on the dance floor. Located in Palermo, the club doesn’t open until 1 a.m. so make sure to get there beforehand for dinner.

Crobar – Crobar has a perfect combination of international and local bands that play in between sets by the DJ. It is the perfect place in Palermo for people from around the world to dance to indie and electronic music, besides Saturday nights, which are dedicated to Latin music. The place is filled with balconies and walkways and can get crowded quickly. Come with money to cover the hefty entrance fee.

Niceto – Located in Palermo, Niceto always has a packed crowd in each of its two rooms. Thursday’s Club 69 is interesting – the show includes strippers, breakdancers and drag queens dancing to the electric beats. Friday’s Invasion includes live indie bands followed by cumbia electronica, pop and rock.

Moliere – Moliere came to San Telmo in 1996. Boasting a menu of international food, it can adapt to its customers tastes easily. With a capacity of 800 people, Moliere opens its doors for dancing after midnight from Thursday-Saturday with a live DJ, musical shows, a variety of drinks and awesome lights.

Liquid – For a night filled with music from the 80s, Liquid has a great vibe with UV lighting and a young, energetic crowd. The cocktails are great and often at lower prices in the middle of the week. On the weekend, you should get there before midnight to avoid long lines. From Wednesday-Saturday the club is open from 10 p.m.

Club Araos – Club Araos in Palermo often hosts a foreign crowd on a packed dance floor. Thursday nights are known for electronic music and breakdancing, whereas the weekends are dedicated to rock and Latin music. You can get in for free before 2:30 a.m.

Costanera – Costanera is a line of bars and clubs by the water near the Jorge Newbery airport. If you stay out until the wee hours of the morning, you might even spot an airplane above you. It has a number of boliches on the coast with palm trees and outdoor space, including Punta Carrasco, Ciex, La Diosa, Mandarin, Terrazas del Este, Pacha and Costa Salguero. Make sure to bring enough money and take a nap before going out.

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