What is Regenerative Travel?

Transformational travel Posted on 12/29/2022

Traveling, discovering new natural landscapes, and connecting with the local culture it is indeed one of the most fulfilling activities human beings can experience in life. But as this activity grows, also does a new way of tourism that is growing to stay among us, regenerative travel.

Regenerative travel boost tourism to the next level: Green has never looked so good. We are about to become world-changing travelers saving one destination at a time! 

1. What is “regenerative travel”?

The world is in need, and we know it. Tourism embraces change and it proposes to travelers and tourism bodies, a new way of traveling beyond sustainability. 

Regenerative travel is a new term used to describe travels with a strong commitment to impact positively the destination’s environment for the next generations to enjoy them as well.

This new way of traveling the globe invites us to demand a positive impact in all destinations. 

It is no longer viable to only be conscious of leaving no trace: it is time to take action

We need to preserve the natural awe-inspiring landscapes and their local cultures but also be committed to restoring the existing damage.


2. All about Regenerative Travel

It is time to give back Mother Earth a bit of all that she has given to us. 

This new concept started being relevant over the last few decades after some destinations damaged by over-tourism were able to recover architecturally and culturally.

Despite the fact that the action was started by visitors, this new term was mainly engaged by public tourism bodies. 

It has reached the most high-level entities in governments, tour operators, and every actor involved in tourism after the huge sustainability shoutout to take care of the world’s natural and cultural heritage.


3. Benefits of Regenerative Travel

Some hubs refer to this new term as the “next step” towards a more sustainable way of traveling. 

And it cannot be a more accurate definition. 

So, to affirm your mind to become part of this new world-changing way of traveling let’s see some of the main benefits of Regenerative Travel:

  • Support and revalue local culture and traditions of inhabitants of every destination
  • Help regenerate the ecosystem of awe-inspiring natural landscapes
  • Contributing to restoring native endangered species 
  • Choose ecological accommodation
  • Be carbon negative. Compensate more carbon emissions than the ones only our trip generated. 
  • Get involved in reforestation projects

Regenerative travel to help local economies.

 4. Beyond sustainable

At Say Hueque, we believe that travel can be a force for good.

In 2020, we became the first travel company in Argentina to neutralize CO2 emissions. 

But we decided to go beyond!

So, in 2021, we started a partnership with Reforestarg, a local NGO that restores damaged forests in Patagonia. 

We realized that reforestation should be our way of standing for regenerative tourism and aim to leave the place we love exploring better than it was before.

So, we committed to donating a tree for everyone who traveled with us and travel to Patagonia to participate in two massive plantations.

The result- We’ve donated and planted 5,194 trees in Patagonia.

And we are still planning new things for 2023!

We committed to planting 20,000 trees by August 1st, 2023, and we are super excited about this new project.

Learn more about our commitment to Earth here

regenerative travel

Now you know all about Regenerative Travel. 

Do not hesitate to talk to one of our experts to start planning your trip today!

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