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Posted on 04/21/2017 Tips & Recommendations

What to wear During A Vacation to Santiago de Chile

If you are traveling to Santiago de Chile soon, you might be thinking What type of clothing do I need to go to Santiago de Chile?  

Winter – May to August – is the rainy season and temperatures can fluctuate from day to night (at night can drop to zero during the day range from 10 to 25 degrees).

Many accommodation don´t have central heating so we recommend taking warm clothing. Comfortable walking shoes, jeans or impermeable trousers, waterproof jacket, long sleeve shirts and sweater (dress like an onion, with layers, is our best advice)

Summer in Santiago – November to March – is dry and hot (maximum temperature between 30-35 degrees). At night it cools pleasantly and almost never rains. Light clothing and sun protection (hat, sunglasses and sunscreen)
So what we suggest is:

  • Warm Coat (Winter).
  • Waterproof Rain coat (Winter)
  • Long sleeved T shirts and sweaters (Winter).
  • Long pants (jeans, coat and corduroy).
  • Comfortable shoes. (Winter).
  • Short sleeves T shirts / Tank (Summer).
  • Bermudas – Shorts – Skirts (Summer).
  • Lightweight long trousers for the evening (Summer).
  • Sandals, comfortable shoes (Summer).
  • Hat and sunscreen.

Enjoy your trip!

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