Visiting Iguazu Falls

Argentina Travel Posted on 08/14/2013

Obviously visiting Iguazu Falls is going to be an unforgettable experience. Just standing on the boardwalks watching nature do its spectacular work is enough for anyone to leave satisfied. That said, the National Park has perfected a variety of different opportunities to experience the  Iguazu Falls, and every visitor should give one or some of them thought. These include, principally, seeing the Falls from above, below, and as part of an  Adventure into the Misionera jungle.

1. Argentine Side of National Park in Iguazú

Nautical Adventure

The main option from the Argentine side features a speedboat raft that powers one right up to and even under the Falls. This tour in Iguazu Falls is aptly named the Nautical Adventure Tour and leaves from the bottom of the lower circuit. 

Departing around San Martin Island, the boats drive right up to and under the Devil’s Throat, and later the San Martin waterfall. This high-octane experience is an excellent chance to feel the Falls’ tremendous power firsthand, as well as see a group of adults become reduced to happy, squealing children. Go prepared to get extremely wet while visiting Iguazú Falls!

The Nautical Adventure is extendable into an hour journey, including a 4×4 journey through the Misionera habitat and a 6-kilometer boat ride over the Iguazu river’s rapids, before performing the same Iguazu baptism at the Devil’s Throat.

Enjoy a boat trip in Iguazú Falls!

2. Iguazú Forest

Hike through the jungle

Those less interested in motorized fun can enjoy a more ecologically friendly adventure deep into the Iguazu forest. Hiking into the jungle, this 4-hour excursion includes rappelling, a zip line (which in the jungle is an exceptional experience), and the opportunity to see more wildlife.

Iguazu Falls - Wildlife

Ecological boat trip

Above the Devil’s Throat, an ecological nautical tour departs by boat for approximately 30 minutes. This quiet ride offers views of the jungle from the water (and often a good chance of seeing wildlife) and the upper section of the river up to where it enters Brazil.

These different excursions offer ways to take a tour of Iguazu Falls to a different level by allowing one to come into direct contact with the Falls, or to see their grandeur from above. 

Of course, walking along the Iguazu National Park’s circuits offers a splendid view and a sufficient experience all on their own.


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