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Visit Buenos Aires: Best Secret Streets

Buenos Aires is proudly home to the widest avenue in the world. Avenue 9 de Julio has a whopping total of twelve lanes! However, even in a cosmopolitan city like Buenos Aires, you can find secret streets hidden between the busier streets that never sleep. A little off the beaten path, but well worth the visit; you must explore these four secret streets when you visit Buenos Aires.



Travel to Buenos Aires for beautiful city scenery

Located in neighborhood Belgrano, calle Olleros is a hidden gem. Historic European style architecture houses line the cobblestone street. Hovering trees arch over the road, creating a picturesque view as you walk or drive through. When you visit Buenos Aires, it’s worth taking a stroll down this charming street. The German embassy is located nearby, but covered by thick trees and plants, you can easily miss it.


Avenida Int. Hernan M. Giralt

Absorb Argentine culture when you travel to Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero is generally a bustling neighborhood, with many big businesses and banks, upscale restaurants, and the most posh hotels in the city. It’s home to some of the tallest buildings in the city, and since its on the coast it borders the ecological reserve. However, right past all the action is Avenida Int. Hernan M. Giralt, a mouthful to say. This street is hidden away from the action and borders the ecological reserve. It is calm and has a very wide path for walking, jogging, or biking with a view of nature—something hard to find in the big city!

It’s dotted with permanent food trucks that sell classic Argentine street sandwiches like choripan, bondiola and more, for super cheap prices. On the weekends, dance groups take advantage of the space to practice. Check it out when you visit Buenos Aires.


Visit Buenos Aires and experience the art scene

Bordering Palermo Hollywood and Villa Crespo, calle Dorrego has a lot to offer for a quiet, one-way street. One of the most impressive pieces of street art in the city can be found here, a massive colorful portrait of Frida Kahlo. Keep going down Dorrego and you’ll find a huge flea market, El Mercado de las Pulgas where you can find quirky and cute antiques and housewares. Next to that is Plaza Mafalda, a small park dedicated to the Argentine children’s cartoon character Mafalda. There are paintings of her around the park. If you rent a bike when you visit Buenos Aires, this street has a bike lane and many cute cafés that would be perfect to explore one afternoon.


Calle Lanin

Buenos Aires tours will show you the city's beauty

When tourists visit Buenos Aires, one of the most popular spots to see is El Caminito in La Boca. Well, nearby in barrio Barracas there is a more under the radar alternative, the lesser-known street Calle Lanin. It’s quieter and maybe even more colorful than the brightly painted buildings of Caminito! In 1990 the artist Marino Santa María, a local resident decided to spice it up with his bold style. He has decorated many of the houses and offices on this street with vivid mosaic designs.

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