Why Should You Visit Argentina’s Lesser-Known Wine Regions?

Argentina Travel Posted on 09/25/2018

Do love wines? But hate the intoxicated crowds buzzing around known vineyards?

If yes, then we suggest you drive past Argentina’s precious wine regions like Mendoza and Salta.

Argentina is well known for its unique blends and aromatic wines. You know the ones that make your taste buds dance to the South American tunes.

Lucky for you, the most popular and crowded vineyards aren’t the only places to sip the splendid concoctions.

Here is a list of the lesser known wine regions of Argentina:

The Cozy Cafayate

Cafayate is one of the most known wine regions of Argentina. Yet, unlike the hyped vineyards of Mendoza, this one retains its exclusivity. Here you able to get away from the noise resonating in the known vineyards.  Plus, you will be charmed by the small-town vibe that vibrates through the warmwineries that mark the land. It is an element not found in the other boastful vineyards.

What else? Do you need more reasons to persuade you to make a visit?

The here is a list:

  • The vineyards sell some lip-smacking white wines called the torrontés. They are round and have intense flavor when aged and infused with old oaks.
  • You are able to sip the finest brews without running out of cash.
  • The Museum in Cafayate has a poetic take on the history of wine that originated in the area.
  • The dramatic jagged peaks of the Andes seduce any hiker to get high on nature.


The City Life of Cordoba

What if you do not like the homely feel of small-town Cafayate?

If that is the case, then we suggest that you fly down to Cordoba. This wine region offers you a sip of Argentina’s aromatic vineyards with a backdrop of bustling city life.

Here are some of the reasons why this is the place to be:

  • The heart of Argentina is the originator of the country’s wine culture.
  • The Jesuit ruins date back to the 16th century, we are intrigued with the missionary-malbec concoction
  • History buffs can tread the several museums that dot the region.
  • Cordoba’s nightlife gels really well with the intoxicating highs all the wine tasting brings you


The Robust Rio Negro

It is smacked right between the luxurious landscapes of southern Patagonia. This wine region is a recent discovery. This is why you will find very few tourists flocking towards its vineyards.

Here are a few reasons why this place is special:

  • It is a solid statement that Patagonia is more than a nature enthusiast’s wild dream.
  • Then again nature and wines make a swoon-worthy combo.
  • It is a breath of fresh green air amidst the dry Patagonian plateau that surrounds it.
  • The Rio Negro is very close to Neuquén. This means you can drink wines and walk among the fossils of dinosaurs in a single trip.

What do you think?

Which of these less trodden wine regions in Argentina sound the most promising?

To start planning your trip to Argentina’s Lesser-Known Wine Regions , you can visit the Northwest of Argentina or Patagonia. You can also get information about other trips in Argentina and Chile, visiting www.sayhueque.com

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