Vacations with Toddlers in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 03/18/2016

The joys of having children are numerous. Watching them learn and grow, knowing that as parents you have the ability to shape and influence the world they grow up in, is an exciting possibility. Travel from an early age is something that will positively affect small children for the rest of their lives. They see new and strange people, try different foods, and subconsciously learn to embrace future travels. What more could a parent want?

Set aside the obvious benefits of introducing travel to your children and you’re left with the logistical side of things. As any parent probably knows, planning the best vacations with toddlers takes a lot of time and thinking. Age-appropriate and feasible activities require research, and not all outdoor adventures and sightseeing excursions are possible. Fortunately, Argentina offers many great vacations for families that both parents and their young ones can appreciate. Many outdoor activities are family accessible and there are always a few fun escapes for parents. Three great destinations for family vacations are Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, and a traditional Argentine estancia.

1. Buenos Aires

As many of Buenos Aires’ residents have young children of their own, Argentina’s capital is a great destination for vacations with toddlers. A very flat and walking-friendly city, most of the city’s sites can be visited on foot. And when walking is not an option, the endless stream of taxis in Buenos Aires provides quick and reliable transport for the whole family between major sites. A few recommendations for things to do in Buenos Aires with kids are visiting the interactive museums, such as MALBA, visiting one of the local zoos, or exploring the colorful neighborhood of La Boca.


2. Iguazu Falls

Although a national park of waterfalls may not seem so “kid-friendly,” the excellent design of Iguazu Falls National Park actually makes it a great destination for vacations with toddlers. Most walkways are handicapped and stroller accessible and many visitors come with the whole family of all ages. In addition, you can expect to see a variety of unique animals, from brightly colored birds to playful monkeys swinging through the branches overhead, that will provide an amusing spectacle for your curious little ones.


3. Estancias

A great local Argentine getaway during vacations with toddlers is a day trip to an estancia. A quick and easy two-hour trip from Buenos Aires is to San Antonio de Areco, a small gaucho town in the pampas region of Argentina. At the estancia, the whole family can enjoy horse rides alongside gauchos, taste a delicious Asado barbeque, and see an exciting gaucho show of horse tricks and guitar music. A day at an estancia is good, wholesome fun for the entire family.


In the places suggested above for vacations with toddlers, each member of the family can participate in their own interests, with easy access to facilities and conveniences for the little ones. Small children will love the exciting new cultures and parents can enjoy a high-class foreign destination.

When planning vacations with toddlers, a great rule to remember is that some of the best trips are the simplest, or those without too many logistics to plan and organize. Of course, flexibility is always key in vacations with toddlers. Appreciate what you are able to see and do, and know that these are special memories that will last for a lifetime! Traveling as a family is a great way to experience the world together, you just have to plan it right!

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