Vacation Ideas: Argentina

Inspirational Trips & News Posted on 05/13/2015

If you have some free time from work or studies and are looking for the perfect destination, look no further than Argentina. With a full range of climates, geography, and excursions, there is something for everyone. Some of the top destinations like Buenos Aires and Patagonia, boast thousands of international visitors each year. With Southern hemisphere weather that is the perfect escape for cold northern winters in January and February, Argentina should be at the top of the list when brainstorming for vacation ideas.

A Buenos Aires vacation is one of the highlights of a trip to South America. Buenos Aires is a bright and vibrant capital city, with beautiful architecture and a huge arts and theater scene. Your Buenos Aires vacation should be filled with loads of delicious meat, affordable world class wine, and a tango dance or two!  Buenos Aires is perfect for a wild night out dancing or a relaxing day in a picturesque park. Whatever your holiday travels might be, a Buenos Aires vacation is one of the best vacation ideas you can have.

More ideas for your upcoming vacation are trips to Patagonia. With so many adventure excursions to choose from, there is always new land to be explored in Patagonia. Take a whale watching boat, hike to the top of a glacier, or ride bikes through majestic lakes and mountains. Summer months are warm and breezy, while winter months are perfect for outdoor winter sports. It is all possible in the limitless trips to Patagonia that are available all year round.

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