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Inspirational Trips & News Posted on 05/13/2015

If you have some free time from work or studies and are looking for the perfect destination, look no further than Argentina. With a full range of climates, geography, and excursions, there is something for everyone. Some of the top destinations like Buenos Aires and Patagonia, boast thousands of international visitors each year. With Southern hemisphere weather that is the perfect escape from cold northern winters in January and February, Argentina is the right choice. Let’s see some of Argentina’s vacation ideas for your next adventure in this exceptional country!

1. Buenos Aires

A Buenos Aires vacation is one of the highlights of a trip to South America. Buenos Aires is a bright and vibrant capital city, with beautiful architecture and a huge art and theater scene. Your Buenos Aires vacation should be filled with loads of delicious meat, affordable world-class wine, and a tango dance or two!  Buenos Aires is perfect for a wild night out dancing or a relaxing day in a picturesque park. Whatever your holiday travels might be, Buenos Aires must be on your Argentina’s vacation ideas list.


2. El Calafate

El Calafate is known as the Land of Glacier so expect nothing but adventures. Go sailing and meet the majestic Glaciar Perito Moreno. Are you ready to go ice-hiking on the Big Ice? Yes! Walk over the icy giant and close your excursions with a zip of whiskey with the ice of the glacier.  With so many adventure excursions to choose from, there is always new land to be explored in Patagonia.. It is all possible in the limitless trips to Patagonia that are available all year round.

El-Calafate-Perito-Moreno Glacier

3. Iguazú National Park

Named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World by UNESCO, Iguazú Falls is going to be one if not the best Argentina vacation ideas you can choose. Lush jungles, colorful butterflies, and imposing waterfalls are going to be your daily scenery at this one-of-a-kind destination. Walk along the runways and have the most impressive view of every cascade and waterfall in this National Park. If something is certain is that you won’t regret your visit at all!


4. Puerto Madryn

How about going whale-watching? Puerto Madryn is the Diving Capital and home to one of the most enormous living creatures in the whole world: meet the Southern Right Whale. This Patagonian destination is certainly unique for its exceptional wildlife from South Sea Lions, Penguins, and orcas to Patagonian hares, Grey foxes, and Choiques. Adults and children, prepare to be stunned!

Puerto-Madryn - Wildlife Whales

5. Ushuaia

You have reached the City of the End of the World! Ushuaia is one of the southernmost cities in the whole world and is a great destination for your Argentina vacation ideas no doubt. Delight your taste with some Crab King (Centolla), a typical local dish of this area, or get adventurous and go canoeing on one of the many pristine lakes that surround Ushuaia. The cherry on top? You can not leave without visiting the Magellanic Penguin colony: have a close encounter with these magnificent creatures and learn all about them in their natural environment!

Ushuaia - Beagle- channel

Your Argentina vacations ideas list can be endless indeed, but these are for sure some great highlights where to start your Argentinian adventure!

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