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Posted on 11/26/2014 Inspirational Trips & News

Vacation Destinations in December: Trips to Patagonia

If you are looking for the best time to visit the world-renowned Patagonia, December might be that perfect month you are looking for. While trips to Patagonia are available all year round, the month of December offers some of the most perfect weather to enjoy all that there is to offer in the region. With warm temperatures and attractions open and ready to explore, there isn’t a better time for your trip to Patagonia than now!

Visitors coming to Patagonia from the northern hemisphere and desperate for a respite from their cold winter will find that perfect sunshine and cool breeze that they are looking for in South America. Imagine soaking in the sun in a bathing suit on the shore of a crystal clear lake, surrounded by a view of towering snowcapped mountains. Those who are already travelling in South America might have noticed that temperatures are very high during summer months, with humidity percentages rising each day. Patagonia is your escape in  Argentina out of the heat and into the cooler temperatures of the south. The weather is mild enough so all outdoor activities are open and enjoyable. Plus, beat the summertime tourist rush of January and February and give your vacation a head start in December!

Some of the best December destinations in Patagonia

El Calafate

Want to visit the jaw dropping ice glaciers in  El Calafate without freezing your buns off? Then you’d better make the trip in summer months, where sightseeing boats and hiking excursions are pleasant amid the frozen terrain. You will be able to  see the glaciers in all of their glory, without bundling in five layers of winter clothing! 

El Chalten

Due to its extreme location in the southern hemisphere,  El Chalten has more hours of light in the day in December. This means adventure tours and  trekking expeditions are longer, with more time to see all the sights, without getting caught in the dark! Temperatures are mild, but nighttime can bring that classic Patagonia chill, so make sure to bring a jacket.


Make sure you take advantage of the dry, warm weather in  Bariloche to participate in summer sports like river rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, and  kayaking. A cold beer from one of the local breweries and a plate of smoked trout are the perfect treat to end the day.

Other trips to Patagonia include Puerto Madryn, Torres del Paine, and Ushuaia

Can’t visit until next winter? No problem! Check out  Say Hueque tips for visiting Patagonia in the winter

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