Traveling by Bus or Flying in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 01/28/2020

Due to its unique geographical diversity Argentina offers an abundance of things to see and do. Attractions can range…

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From taking the trip to the striking Perito Moreno Glaciar to feeling the sheer force of nature at the foot of Iguazu Falls. There is an adventure waiting for you in every corner of this culturally rich and exciting nation that is guaranteed to have something special for all tastes in travel.

Argentina is not only the second-largest country in Latin America but it is the eighth-largest in the world and therefore getting around may seem daunting. Although journeys are long, thanks to a particularly established bus system, traveling from place to place can be made comfortable and stress-free. This part of Argentina´s transport system is comparable to Europe, providing a cheap and accessible option for those who´d rather not bare the hassle or expense of flying. Buses are the popular choice of transport for Argentines and can be a very luxurious experience.  For some trip ideas in Argentina, check out Say Hueque´s most popular tours of Argentina.

1. Traveling by Bus

There are a handful of efficient bus services in Argentina which include, Andesmar, Chevallier, El Rapido Internacional, Via Bariloche. Central bus terminals exist in most big cities and towns and each company has its own ticket office (usually surrounded by kiosks and fast-food stalls). The departure time and price is always on the ticket you buy.

Those who were expecting a bog-standard coach with nothing classier than a footrest will be pleasantly surprised. This is where traveling becomes stylish. Built into the increasingly modern Mercedes or Volvo coaches are cozy, plush leather seats beside big windows with curtains. Most coaches come complete with toilets, air-conditioning, TVs and sometimes a coffee and snack service. Depending the time that you are traveling, breakfast, lunch and dinner is usually provided with pre-prepared food that is always fresh. Drinks are also available and range from soft drinks to wine depending on what class you have chosen. To think you could sit back, relax, and cruise across the pampas with your feet up, sipping on a glass of fine Argentine wine.

There are several different classes within the coaches allowing you to select your own level of comfort. Coche semi-cama (semi-sleeper) is the common selection but it is certainly worth paying the extra pesos to upgrade to coche-cama for wider seating, and the more comfortable near-flat recline. Those desiring a further touch of class can choose to travel ejecutivo or coche super cama for flat recline and additional space. For the cheapest class you can always travel comun which is the only choice save a beat-up semi-cama for trips under 5 hours.

2. Best destinations from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s thriving capital and the country’s principal bus terminal. The city itself is a melting pot for culture, collecting together all the loose strands of Argentine tradition, from tango to steak to football (and countless others) and flaunting them in one enormous urban blaze. To use the proverbial all roads lead to Buenos Aires goes towards reflecting how most of the long bus journeys begin in Argentina´s electric capital city.

Bus trip- Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

From the throbbing capital take the journey north to marvel at the cascades of the astonishing Iguazu Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Stare down the terrifying gorge of its highest cascade “The devils throat” or take a boat trip to the bottom of the falls and take a thundering natural shower.

Duration: 19.20hrs

Classes: Cama Ejecutivo; Semi Cama with service

View of iguazu falls and iguazu rainforest from above


Bus Trip – Buenos Aires to Mendoza

Take the trip west to Mendoza, relax among the beautiful vineyards and indulge in some of the best wine in the world. Mendoza is famous for its Malbec and Cabernet wines, and if you’re a wine fan, then taking a specialized wine tour is a must. You can also combine your wine with food and enjoy international gourmet restaurants and European-styled cafes that Mendoza has to offer.

Duration: 13.40 hrs

Classes: Cama Ejecutivo; Semi Cama with servicePromo Semi cama

Bus trip- Buenos Aires to Bariloche

Leave the city to explore the lakes and mountain trails of the Nahuel Huapi National Park set deep in the famous region of Bariloche. There is generous assortment of things to do here including kayaking, hiking and camping. As the winter months approach, the hikers are slowly replaced by those attracted by its impressive ski slopes. If for nothing else, come for the unique mountain vistas of the seven lakes, it is sure to take your breath away.

Duration: 20.10 hrs

Classes: Cama Ejecutivo

View of moreno lake in bariloche

Bus Trip – Buenos Aires to El Calafate, Patagonia

Head south to Patagonia and the climactic El Calafate; gateway to the Perito Moreno Glacier. Take the boat trip to the edge of the glacier, gape at its enormity and let it both entertain and frighten you as huge trenches of ice carve out of the ridge, plummet towards the water, and force Lago Argentino to explode.

Duration: 45hrs

It is necessary to change buses in Rio Gallegos, or break up the journey with stops along the way, for example, to see the whales in Puerto Madryn/Peninsula Valdes.

Bus trip from Buenos Aires to Salta

Come to Salta to experience Argentina in its true authenticity. This is a city that exhibits Argentine tradition in every corner. It has retained its historical colonial architecture and is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, testament to the city´s nickname ´La Linda´ (beautiful). For hiking and horse riding it is perfect, or you may prefer to indulge in its thriving café culture.

Duration: 21hrs

Classes: Semi Cama with service

Bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn, Patagonia

How does snorkeling with sea lions sound? Or perhaps you´d rather come within 2 metres of touching a whale? Take the bus along the coast to Puerto Madryn, a haven for sea animals and wildlife with plenty to look at and plenty of penguins to walk around with.

Duration: 18.10 hrs

Classes: Cama EjecutivoSemi Cama with servicePromo Semi cama

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