Travel Tales of Argentina

Posted on 02/09/2018 Transformational travel

Aspiring Travel Writer Contest

Every aspiring traveler who is passionate about writing has dreamed of becoming a travel writer. However, it’s a tough field to break into, even more so when you have very little idea of what you’re doing. We’re here to help you make that dream become a reality.

Our dream has always been to share our home through local connections that lead to unexpected adventures and decisions that you never regret. We feel that these experiences are powerful for everyone and should be shared. In fact, we thought the most authentic way to share and discover came to us through our friends at World Nomads.

So, we’re having a little contest together for an all-expense-paid two week trip to Argentina this May for all hopeful travel writers. No professionals wanted. This is a chance to learn or explore a new career or finally take the plunge and learn how to be a travel writer.

We’ll fly you down to Buenos Aires for a travel writer’s workshop with New York Times freelance travel writer Tim Neville. After you’ve learned all about the industry, we’re setting you up on a visit to some of our favorite destinations: to sample adventure in Mendoza, discover cultural secrets in Salta and Jujuy or experience the natural wonders and amazing animals in Iguazu and the Ibera Wetlands.

What we love about Mendoza is that it is a beautiful place that offers so much. Maybe you’ll be writing about the time you trekked through the largest mountain range in the world or how you sampled internationally acclaimed wines as you learned the art of wine making. Our travel guide on Mendoza might give you a better idea of what to expect.

Experiencing the authentic culture and tradition alongside locals or hiking among red mountains could give you a new perspective of what the meaning of life really is. To figure out all you need to know to have the best adventure in Salta and Jujuy, use our handy travel guide.

Perhaps, your most inspired writing will come from the natural wonders that are found in Northwestern Argentina as you discover the great Iguazu Falls and the remote Ibera Wetlands off the beaten track. No matter what, the incredible wonders of nature and immense animal diversity that you will see will fill your pages in no time.

If this sounds like a dream come true, all that’s left for you to do is apply before February 28. Head on over to World Nomads with this link, where they’ll ask you to submit two pieces: the first should explain why we should pick you as a contest winner, and then the second should hit on one of these three themes: ‘Making a local connection’, ‘The last thing I expected’, or ‘A decision that pushed me to the edge.’

Unfortunately, no professional writers can apply. We want to see what new talent we can help cultivate so this competition is for those aspirational writers, dreamers and travelers. The official definition of what makes someone a novice or a professional travel writer is posted over on the application page, complete with frequently asked questions and the complete details of the contest.

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