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Posted on 04/27/2016 Tips & Recommendations

Travel to Buenos Aires: Unique Bars

Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps. Well maybe during the day, but definitely not at night. This massive metropolitan city is known worldwide for its nightlife, hosting tons of cool bars, clubs and parties. You’ll never run out of bars to try here; you could go to a new one every day for a year and still not have explored the whole bar scene.

With plenty to try, we want to share with you some of the more extraordinary, unique bars to visit when you travel to Buenos Aires. These bars aren’t your run of the mill, average spots.

Floreria Atlantico
Located in Recoleta, many people don’t even know Floreria Atlantico is even a bar! The name suggests it’s just a flower shop, and when you enter you might not even realize it’s a bar either. You have to find the hidden staircase and make your way downstairs into the basement. There you’ll find a cool and cozy atmosphere and a drink menu with some of the most uniquely delicious cocktails in the city.

Franks is a classic, speakeasy style bar located in Palermo Hollywood. The password to enter changes weekly, and you must solve a riddle to obtain it and tell the man when you enter. Frank’s doesn’t make it easy on you, you’ve got to look it up beforehand.

When you Google the bar, it pops up as a barbershop, but don’t be fooled, its one of the nicest bars in town. You’ll feel super fancy in the dimly light and amongst the red velvet lined chaise lounges. Treat yourself to a fancy night at Frank’s when you travel to Buenos Aires.

Cafe San Bernardo
Located in Villa Crespo, Café San Bernardo is a fun and casual bar to hangout with friends. It houses an impressive amount of ping-pong tables, and on Tuesday nights it’s free to play! Bring your friends, or make some new ones at Café San Bernando when you travel to Buenos Aires.

Boteco do Brasil
Whereas Argentina is known for fantastic Malbec and fernet and coke, Brazil’s famous drink is the caipirini. To get an awesome variety of caipirini’s at an authentically Brazilian bar, Boteco de Brasil is the place to go when you travel to Buenos Aires. The chill atmosphere has a truly Brazilian vibe.

La Puerta Roja
When walking down the cobblestone streets of the San Telmo neighborhood, look for the bright red door. Then, head up the steep staircase to enter this super cool bar. With very hipster vibes, this bar has pool tables and buena onda.

For more information on Buenos Aires nightlife, check this out. Or, to travel to Buenos Aires yourself, get in touch with us at Say Hueque today!

Written by Chloe Moore

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