Buenos Aires: One Day Itinerary in Fall

Argentina Travel Posted on 02/26/2016

Fall is just around the corner here in Argentina, and for Buenos Aires, that means a climate from the gods. There will be no sweltering heat holding you back from enjoying the day to its fullest, even if that means spending all day outside. Whether you have plans to travel to Buenos Aires for a day, a weekend, or a week, here’s your no-fail recipe for a perfect Buenos Aires one-day itinerary fall day.

1. Recoleta Cemetery

With full and content tummies, a stroll through the Recoleta cemetery is a must to channel the “Halloween” spirit…only to realize that Argentina’s autumn season is spring on the other half of the world! Even still, the beauty of this vast and historic cemetery should be at the top of your list when you travel to Buenos Aires. It will leave you gawking at the intricate details of each tomb; just try not to get lost, this Buenos Aires one-day itinerary has just begun!


2. El Ateneo Grand Splendid

In the same neighborhood, you’ll find a ridiculously amazing bookstore on Avenida Santa Fe called El Ateneo; a renovated theater with multiple balconies all lit up and a painted ceiling. Being here feels like a mix between being on Broadway and in Europe all at the same time. Wander among the rows of books before going upstairs to find music and an intimate art gallery. Turn on your camera’s Panorama setting to get amazing photos to show friends when you get home—it’s almost too beautiful to actually exist!


3. Puerto Madero

After you grab a bite to eat for lunch (save room for your afternoon merienda, or tea time), head downtown for a stroll along the river in the Puerto Madero neighborhood. This new neighborhood offers a lovely view of the recently built skyscrapers and the Puente de la Mujer bridge, which you’ll have to walk across. A few people have tried to start the love lock trend at the end of the bridge, but it didn’t quite catch on. Still, feel free to leave your own! Let’s continue to the next stop on your Buenos Aires one day itinerary.

From Puerto Madero, take the short walk over to Plaza de Mayo and see the “Pink House.” From here, your afternoon tea or coffee is a short walk away, just take Avenida de Mayo to Cafe Tortoni, Argentina’s oldest cafe. It opened in 1858 and has an elegantly decorated interior inspired by French design. As if it’s not chic enough during the day, it turns into a tango show venue at night.


4. Food, Wine & Tango

A tango show is absolutely a must-do in Buenos Aires, even if you’ve been before…you can’t travel to Buenos Aires without doing this! These nights turn out to be magical, with a mouthwatering dinner accompanied by all the Malbec you can drink! As the show begins, you will be transported to an older, traditional Buenos Aires where the tangueros dance with passion and skill. Don’t worry—the servers will still be circling around and refilling wine glasses as the show goes on!

A sultry tango show is the perfect way to warm up your crisp fall day and bring it to a close. Enjoy your Buenos Aires one day itinerary and don’t forget to come back!

Buenos Aires - Tango

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