Travel to Buenos Aires: Common Tourist Mistakes

Tips & Recommendations Posted on 05/31/2016

Whether it’s your first time in South America or not, there are certain things that one should be aware of. Traveling, as exhilarating as it can be, has some unwritten rules to follow if you want a smooth, safe and enjoyable trip.

There are certain unwritten rules that should be followed specifically when you travel to Buenos Aires. Some subjects you shouldn’t talk about, some things you shouldn’t show in the street, the list goes on.

Don’t talk about Uber in a taxi
Right now, Buenos Aires is going through a sensitive time where Uber is trying to integrate itself into the city. However, taxi drivers are throwing fits and protesting its arrival, worried it will run them out of business. If you decide to take a taxi, do not mention Uber!

I had a friend mention he was downloading the Uber app as he was sitting in the front seat of a taxi. The taxi driver told him “I’m a peaceful guy, but be careful. If you say that in another taxi, you might get pummeled.”

Book excursions before you get to the city
Whether you’re departing for Patagonia after you travel to Buenos Aires or are planning to visit Iguazu, try to book as much as you can beforehand. Especially in high season! Excursions and lodging fill up quickly and there’s not always unlimited resources. Don’t let your procrastination get the best of you!

Always have a place to hide things
Don’t let your expensive camera hang around your neck exposed all day (especially if you’re going to La Boca!), don’t stick your iPhone in your back pocket. While you will most likely not get robbed or pickpocketed, you always want to do your best to minimize any possible risk.

The robbers will be far less likely to make you their target if you don’t have a nice camera in your hands. Bring a backpack, a moneybelt, a purse, whatever it takes to store your belongings.

Watch your step!
If you travel to Buenos Aires, you’ll realize that the sidewalks are less than perfect. You can barely go a couple of blocks without torn up cement or massive, gaping holes in the sidewalk.

Stepping on loose tiles will end up soaking your legs with water, but the worst is that dogs leave presents anywhere they please. Keep your eyes on the sidewalk in front of you and avoid the trauma most tourists face when they step in a big ol’ pile of dog poo!

Guard your heart…
Many, many people who travel to Buenos Aires come with eager eyes and open hearts. Thousands of people fall in love with this South American-gone-European city and, once their stay is over, are already planning on when they can return! The charm of Buenos Aires is rare and strong, so watch out, or you just might fall for it yourself!

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Written by Abby LeCleir

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