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Travel to Argentina: A Backpacker’s Guide

Argentina is the end of the road for most backpacker’s travelling across Latin America in search of self-discovery. Buenos Aires, is where most people start or begin so it is important to know where to head after or before arriving in this cosmopolitan town that will have you up for days. Those looking to travel to Argentina and get off the beaten track, have no fear. We have all the answers as to where you can travel in Argentina to avoid ghastly tourist destinations and prices.

Torres del Paine National Park

Head south during the summer and explore the stunning backdrop of Torres Del Paine National Park and the quaint town of El Chalten. Perito Moreno lies close to the park and is well worth a visit, but only for a day or two as it is swarming with tourists from all over who travel to Argentina especially to see the famous glacier. Luckily for those looking to travel to Argentina and explore the unknown – after visiting this phenomenal spectacle of course- are in luck. Just 3 hours away across the Patagonian plans, you are in an isolated wilderness. Head to El Chalten, which is the base camp of the Torres del Paine National Park on the Argentinean side. Head off into the unknown and gaze at jagged mountains and outstanding cliff faces. Lagoons and glacial peaks are in abundance in this park and it is one of the most desolate places in the world. If you are looking to travel to Argentina this is a must-see! This national park is one of the most breathtaking in Patagonia and is the ideal place to get lost in the wilderness-just make sure you are ready for it- pack well and train. It is cold, high and isolated!

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Cordoba Explorations

Cordoba is a real local hotspot among Argentineans. Head straight to the city centre and get out of there. Capilla del Monte is a short bus ride from the capital and offers a wide range of hikes and mystic places to explore if you want to travel to Argentina and get off the beaten track. Think of waterfalls, large ‘Lord of the Rings’ like rocky backdrops and an abundance of hikes and trails to explore in the region. The beautiful high hills and rock pools are enchanting and the area has even been linked to unexpected and paranormal alien activity. New age hippies are in for a treat!


Ushuaia is literally the end of the world and most people don’t travel to Argentina to go here, hence it is the perfect area to get off the beaten track. With an wealth of wildlife to explore, this rocky region has a desolate air and incredible hikes to go on to get your wilderness fix. Fishing trips, long hikes into desolate mountains and it is the closest spot to Antarctica (if the budget doesn’t break the bank) make Ushuaia an ideal location for outdoor-inspired backpackers. This terrain is truly unique and those looking to travel to Argentina and explore something different will be happily surprised. Ushuaia is the place, come winter or summer, just make sure your prepare your clothes according to the seasons!


Jujuy is an isolated wonderland set in the north west of Argentina. Many people don’t know about this stunning landscape and what is has to offer, but Jujuy mixes Andean culture with Argentinean wilderness. Salt flats and tropical jungle surround the region with delicious foods and wines up for grabs. Get off the beaten track and explore this diverse microclimate in the north west of the region. Most people travel to Argentina, to Salta, but Jujuy is really where it is at.

Backpackers who want to travel to Argentina don’t need to get caught on the tourist trail. Argentina offers a wide range of destinations to explore, so step out of your comfort zone and into the Argentinean wilderness.

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Written by Lauren Pringle

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