Train to the Clouds in Salta

Travel Journal Posted on 09/27/2010

The following post was written by one of Say Hueque’s interns who had the opportunity to visit Salta. This is her experience of the full-day tour to the Salinas Grandes.

Although we were not looking forward to an early morning, the gourmet breakfast, piping hot cortado (espresso with a shot of milk) and being able to watch the sun rise over Salta as we began our journey made it worth it!

Our hosts at Kkala Hotel gave us each a chocolate treat for our journey and then our local guide, Fernando, took over for the full day tour.

As we left Salta and took route 34 along the route of the Train to the Clouds, Fernando took his time explaining the history of Salta, the formations of the stunning rock and of course, the history of the Train to the Clouds as we drove through the mountainous, desert landscape. Along the way we saw the train tracks winding their way through the canyons and gorges, a true testament to Argentine (and German influenced) engineering ingenuity.

We stopped along the way for photo stops and even saw wild llamas and vicunas wandering the hills.

Fortunately for us, Fernando spoke perfect English, as well as Spanish, German and even some Hebrew, and he was happy to share his knowledge of the region as well as answer each of our questions about the local cultures and communities.

On the way to the Salinas Grandes, we stopped at the smallest town in Argentina, Santa Rosa de Tastil- a tiny pueblo with just 18 inhabitants. During our brief, but worthwhile stop here, we visited the local museum and were lucky enough to see the town’s local band (made up of nearly half of the population!) playing in front of the church. What a sight!

Then, after driving over a pass of 4170m at Abra de Morado, it was onto the Salinas Grandes!

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