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Posted on 03/07/2018 Tips & Recommendations

Top Travel Tips for Antarctica

A trip to Antarctica is guaranteed to be a trip of a lifetime. The wildlife rich shores, the South Shetland Islands, the Beagle Channel, and the other mythical waters along the way, make Antarctica one of the most magical and cold places in the world.

If the idea of traveling to Antarctica has captured you just like it has captured so many before you then chances are, you have already started planning your trip.

In that case, let us impart some information to make your trip even better.  The following are the things you must know before traveling to the 7th continent of the world:

  • Whenever we think of Antarctica, a picture of penguins instantly jumps to our minds. However Penguins are not the only fascinating creature in Antarctica. The wandering albatross circling and diving in the skies are a thrilling sight to see as well.   So make sure to keep your eyes on the sky when you are crossing the legendary Drake Passage.

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  • If you are not a fan of wildlife and they scare you then the best time for you to visit Antarctica is during summers. Not our summers, but Antarctica’s which lasts from November till March. The penguins also come to shore for courtship purposes in these months as well.
  • Many people are doubtful regarding the sceneries in Antarctica, imagining it as a place full of ice and water. Though it’s true, but the ice and waters of Antarctica are unlike any others. The remoteness and painted shades of blue and white is what makes Antarctica ethereal, almost otherworldly. The gigantic glaciers, jagged mountains, and fields upon fields of ice appeals to adventurous souls. So don’t go to Antarctica thinking of it as barren ice-land, or you’ll be in for a shock.
  • If you are traveling solo for the first time, don’t worry. Prepare to make loads of adventurous friends aboard your cruise ships. The large cruises in Antarctica are nearly two week long and intimate, allowing you to make friends for life. In fact, you will consider these cruise ships your temporary home.


  • Are you planning to dress in fifteen layers of warm clothes because it is Antarctica? Well don’t. The air of Antarctica is crisp, clean and clear. You might want to experience some of it.
  • Take a high quality camera and learn some photography skills, because even if you are not a camera addictive, you will want to take some pictures of these incredible sites seen by very few.
  • Before you step into Antarctica and talk about government this and government that, (because that’s what we mostly do in foreign places), remember that Antarctica has no government. The Antarctica treaty has declared it as a natural reserve and a free land. So if you can handle the cold, you know where to go.

One thing is for sure, a trip to Antarctica is unlike any other. After all, it’s not every day you go to places where the land reflects the sun, and penguins cross your path.

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