Top Spots for Hiking in Mendoza

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/08/2019

Although it is mainly known for being the cradle of Malbec grape, the most iconic wine of Argentina, the western province of Mendoza can also be “tasted” through its mountains and rivers.

Updated to April 2024

Forget about buildings, concrete paths, chaos and noise and get lost in the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes.

No matter if you feel like reaching Aconcagua, the highest peak of the continent, or you just want to take a half-day walk, here are some top spots you can’t miss if you want to really enjoy hiking in Mendoza.

But remember: the possibilities are infinite.

1. Valle de Uco

Ninety kilometers south from the capital stands a valley that has become one of the most remarkable wine regions of Mendoza. Apart from visiting a several bodegas (out of 100) and tasting great food and the finest wines, if you have the chance to stay at least for a day in this part of the province, you will feel the need to put on your mountain boots and take a walk around its natural beauties.

One of the best is Laguna del Diamante, a beautiful lake that not only situated next to a volcano but also ON the former crater of an extinct one.

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2. El Challao: Cerro Arco

The town of El Challao is one of the most popular places for hiking in Mendoza. Located just 12 kilometers away from the city, it offers you a wide range of options, depending on your preparation and physical condition.

Upon them Cerro Arco stands out for its attraction to beginners or families (it takes 3 hours to get to and from its summit) or romantics who want to stay there during a full moon weekend, when they can enjoy a guided night hike through the mountains.

Santo Tomás, El Gateado or Cerro Aspero are also easy paths for hiking in Mendoza but require a better state of health, as the excursion can take between 6 and 8 hours.

Options for hiking in Mendoza & enjoy wine tours in Argentina and Chile.

3. Potrerillos

This small and charming town is the perfect place to relax and have a classic “asado” next to the lake. The ideal plan is to choose one of the many trails that start at the waterfront of Potrerillos, get lost in the mountains and end the day with your deserved picnic. That way you’d definitely work for it!

Another option if you’re staying in the town is to approach the ski center of Vallecitos, home to beautiful alpine meadows and tough paths that are frequently visited by those who are training to climb Aconcagua.

The hike to La Cadenita starts at the same ski center and the best choice is to climb beside the stream until you get to Lomas Blancas, its peak, which has a spectacular view.

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View of cañon del atuel in mendoza

4. Reserva Divisadero Largo

Around 5 miles away from the capital, this unique natural reserve of 492 hectares was declared a protected area in 1983 as its great diversity of fauna and flora is threatened to disappear due to the unstoppable growth of the city.

Hiking in Mendoza can become an authentic trip to the past if you visit Divisadero Largo, full of fossils that narrate the last 200 million years of history of the earth and a geological richness “in transition” result of the region being in the limit of two ecosystems: mountain and grassland.

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Written by Irene Valiente

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