Top Patagonia Excursions in Chile

Patagonia Travel Posted on 03/07/2016

There’s only one thing harder than knowing where the Chilean Patagonia starts: to describe it. As a result of the “sinking” of the Andes, the landscapes are so special, so complete and so different that it’s impossible to compare it to anything else, unless, of course, you’ve been to the Argentinian side… With more than a million square kilometers, it’s the widest region of Chile and one of the most interesting places in the world. So many Patagonia Excursions to be done and a million landscapes to discover.

Islands, fjords, glaciers, mountains, lakes, volcanoes… the variety of sceneries are endless but they all have something in common: the serenity they transmit and their undeniable beauty.

Here are some of the best Patagonia Excursions to get the best out of this Chilean treasure:

1. Meet the Paine Towers!

Where to: Torres del Paine

It goes without saying that the centerpiece of the Chilean attractions in Patagonia is the national park Torres del Paine. Once you get there, you’ll understand why. Declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1978, it’s the perfect place for experienced hikers and climbers who need new challenges or simply those who want to get lost in remote trails, between granite peaks. Discover its rich flora and fauna (look out for guanacos!), enjoy the magical views of the mountains by trying adventure sports, touch and observe the huge rock formations, admire authentic natural works of art like the Grey Glacier or the Pehoe lake… The possibilities are infinite. The place? Just one. 

The most intrepid explorers get the best awards: Discover on this 5-day Patagonia excursion Torres del Paine main highlights. Known as the “W” Circuit it is the most required by truly hiking lovers.

Patagonia - Base Torres

2 Penguins in Isla Magdalena

Where to: Punta Arenas

Only two hours by boat from the hustle of the city of Punta Arenas –the starting point or “central base” for those searching for adventurous Patagonia Excursions in Patagonia– awaits a natural spectacle on Magdalena Island. The place is home to the largest penguin colony in the country: over 120,000 live there. Imagine becoming an intruder and watching them bathe, sleep, play and feed their offspring in a protected and absolutely wild area that has been left untouched by humankind. Unmissable for animal lovers.

Wildlife and nature in Chilean Patagonia

3. Patagonia Excursions between fjords and glaciers

Where to: Balmaceda and Serrano navigation

One of the best ways to explore the stunning ice and water formations of the Chilean coast, and part of the beautiful attractions of Patagonia, is to jump on a boat and let the magic of nature lead you….the options are endless. The national park Bernardo O’Higgins is a stunning combination of channels, fjords, and islands definitely worth seeing! A cruise from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt (over 2,000 kilometers) with Patagonia excursions and formative talks is perhaps the perfect way to discover one of the most fascinating secrets of Latin America. The reasons? Amazing rivers and fjords, endless mountain ranges, isolated villages, and unbelievable species like the “tonina” dolphins or the “lost” whales…

If you want to see, feel, and almost touch the breathtaking glaciers, many expeditions start in Puerto Natales and travel for days between these incomparable ice formations like Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal, or Herman. Most of them let you disembark and walk up to their front in order to admire them in their purest state. Do you think you can top this? Indeed one of the most stunning Patagonia Excursions to be done.

Balmaceda and Serrano navigation

4. Stunning Lakes and Volcanoes

Where to: Osorno Volcano in Puerto Varas

The most adventurous ones should approach the lake district of Chile, which is almost a mirror of the Argentine one. Horseback riding, bike tours, trekking, climbing, and endless activities can be done just an hour south of Santiago. Twelve huge lakes and many smaller ones create the charm of a hypnotic region that combines these crystal wonders on the base of the Andes with plenty of volcanoes like the Villarica one which is 2,450 meters high. Everything surrounded by snow-covered peaks and eternal mountain ranges… Who gives more?

Osorno Volcano in Puerto Varas

5. The most southern town in the world

Where to: Port William

Located on Isla Navarino in front of the Beagle channel is one of the last 24 virgin regions of the planet: Port Williams. In the village live over 2,000 people who dedicate their lives to the navy, tourism, or investigation. The constant fog, freezing winds, hostile cliffs, and greyish waters add even more mystery to the stories that the residents have to tell between small houses and streets with no names. If the world ends somewhere, it must be here, so what about finishing your trip in the southernmost village of the continent?

Chilean Patagonia - Self Drive - Road trip

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