Top Parks in Buenos Aires

Argentina Travel Posted on 02/29/2016

In a concrete jungle such as Buenos Aires, green spaces are highly coveted. On the weekends, you’ll see the parks teeming with locals sipping their mate, strumming ukuleles, rollerblading, and laughing with friends and family. Despite the huge skyline, the park culture is even huger in this city. For a relaxing or active afternoon, we’ve scoped out the best parks in Buenos Aires.

1. Parque Centenario

Although there are usually lots of people, it has a smaller feel than the immense Bosques of Palermo (keep reading) and if you get hungry, there are lots of vendors wandering around waiting to offer you an ice cream or a muffin!

2. Plaza de las Naciones Unidas (Plaza of the United Nations)

You can find this park at the famous Mechanical Flower in Recoleta, where yoga groups are often found stretching and sunbathers soak up some rays. This is one of the least isolated parks in Buenos Aires, as it is within walking distance to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (free admission, holla!), the enormous Facultad de Derecho (law school) for a prime photo op, and the Recoleta Cemetery with its sprawling market.

This is just one of the many smaller parks in Buenos Aires that you can check out on foot. Stop by here if you need a quick rest before the rest of your sightseeing!

Buenos Aires - City tour

3. Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods)

The biggest and most famous green space in Buenos Aires couldn’t be left out! This area is home to many large parks such as the Rosedal (rose garden), a botanical garden, a Japanese botanical garden, and other open spaces. With a lake in the middle of it all, you can even rent paddleboats. These parks have many families, friends, and athletes throwing Frisbees, running, or doing Zumba for free.

Going to the Bosques can easily turn into a full-day activity, so make sure to bring sunblock and a good book!

Planetarium in Palermo neighbourhood, Buenos Aires.

4. Plaza Congreso

Although this is technically a plaza, I would also count it a nice, small park. Many people stop by to see the Congress building without staying for a rest in the gated grassy area. The view is gorgeous as you get to gaze upon the intricate architecture of Congreso while enjoying a show from the fountains! I wouldn’t stay here too long after sunset, but an afternoon in Plaza Congreso is definitely a great way to pass the time and one of the most famous parks in Buenos Aires.

Written by Abby LeCleir

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