Top Family Spring Break Destinations in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 02/20/2018

In the final weeks of winter, thoughts of spring and the glorious possibility of a spring break vacation serve as motivation. As reminders of cold March days and rainy April showers roll around with the kids trapped inside with muddy spring weather creep into your mind, you . The whole scene almost begs you to escape as far away as you can. Whatever you’re looking for, these destinations in Argentina have you covered for a great family vacation.

Destinations in Argentina
1. Bariloche

Spring break in the northern hemisphere occurs at the tail end of the high season for Argentina. This means that you and your family will have your choice of activities in one of the best cities in Patagonia: Bariloche. With stunning mountain views and sparkling blue lakes, parents will feel relaxed and kids will have a blast. Because of the geography, you can relax on the lake, beachfront, as the kids splash in the chilly lake water or play in the sand. When the beach days grow boring, take to the trails and hike the gentle trails that suit every ability. Relax by boat, sailing around the lakes or kayaking across the crystal clear waters.

There are tons of campsites in the area, so if you want to ditch the cell phones and opt for some good old-fashioned family bonding time, it’s a fun and affordable option. One attraction you definitely can’t miss in Bariloche’s city center is the huge selection of artisanal chocolates. Specialty chocolate shops line the streets and with the German and Swiss architecture, you’ll begin to question if you are in the Andes or the Alps. Before you leave, be sure to head to the main plaza. For just a few pesos, you can snap a cheesy family photo posing with the Saint Bernards in the Plaza– this year’s christmas card anyone?

Bariloche - Family trip Kayak

2. Tigre

Just north of Buenos Aires, Tigre is a small town in Rio de la Plata. With less hustle and bustle, it makes for a great for daytrip from the busy city and one of the top destinations in Argentina for families. You can take a boat tour along the river to see historic houses or jump in and take a swim; the water stays fairly warm year-round. Take the kids to Parque de la Costa, a classic amusement park where they’ll have a blast on rollercoasters and water rides.

The small riverside town is also known for a huge Feria Artensenal where you can pick up an assortment of traditional Argentine souvenirs from cheap leather goods to mates. Be sure to try some traditional Argentine cuisine like empanadas or choripan, and dulce de leche or alfajores for a sweet treat while you’re there. After your city getaway, you can take the train back into Buenos Aires.

3. Iguazu Falls

This natural wonder of the world can’t be missed! The whole family will be amazed by the size and force of one of the world’s most impressive natural waterfalls. When you enter the park, there are two main circuits — the upper and the lower, which include winding twists that will take you through the rainforest flora to explore and see different perspectives of the falls.

Stop by the Devil’s Throat, one of the most popular vantage points in Iguazu, or take a boat tour to literally feel the huge falls from below. Don’t forget to bring a towel or change of clothes — you’re sure to get wet! The park is full of exotic and colorful birds and butterflies. Watch out for coatís, these harmless raccoon-like mammals are friendly and may want to share your lunch! Keep your eyes out; if you’re lucky you might spot a wild toucan or even a jaguar lurking in the park.

Destinations in Argentina

4. Mendoza

The most unexpected family travel destination is the capital of the country’s wine region; Mendoza’s bodegas boast some of the world’s finest Malbecs. However, the region offers far more than vineyards, making it a great family destination. Turn your spring into the adventure of a lifetime for the whole family. The astounding beauty of the surrounding Andes cannot be ignored. Head outside and spend some time hiking, rappelling or zip-lining through the gorgeous mountain ranges. You can trek the base of the highest peak in all of the Andes, Mount Aconcagua. For more adventurous families, white water rafting is a great option.

One way to experience the gaucho culture while enjoying the beautiful scenery is by horseback. There are many tour options that include a gaucho-guided tour on horseback followed by a traditional asado dinner. On the weekends in the city center, Plaza Independencia is filled with families relaxing and spending time together. Bring a soccer ball for the kids and maybe a bottle of Malbec for the parents, don’t worry it’s legal to drink in the park!

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