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Posted on 10/29/2018 Tips & Recommendations

Top destinations you can go on a student budget

Are you an international student boarding in South America?

Is there a long weekend that’s coming up?

Then you are most likely on a tight student budget. One that prevents you from going out and about the beautiful country you are staying in. It is either stay home or go broke sort of situation!

Well, it would be if you do not change your perspective. The best holidays are the unpredictable ones; the best memories usually don’t cost a penny. This is why if you stop worrying about hitting tourist spots and rather start looking around you then you might have a happy holiday after all.




Here is a list of spectacular spots you can hit while you study in Chile or Argentina:




This gorgeous country is geography galore. It has every natural topographical feature you ever read in geography books. Take advantage of this feature by enjoying the free sights around you.

Apart from that, you can always head over to:


San Pedro


Hitchhike your way through the rugged terrains of San Pedro. This glorious piece of land is the perfect spot for trekking and hiking adventures. Once you reach the top, you will witness awe-inspiring sights down below.


Atacama Desert


Easter Islands


The Polynesian sculptures have been standing around for centuries and have long withheld tourist attention. You can take advantage of living in the country and visit these ancient residents on off-seasons. The tickets will be cheaper and you will get some alone time with the mysterious Maoi.




If you are studying in the capital then do not go any further. All you need is a map and the determination to hit the various cultural spots that are sprawling in the city.


Santiago_ Cerro San Cristóbal-min





The country is known for its breathtaking nature, colorful culture, and delicious wine. If you are studying there you should try to immerse yourself into some of its richness.

Head over to:


Northern Patagonia


This part of Patagonia is still unexplored and grossly underrated. Therefore, you will be able to see exactly the same sights at a smaller price.

Puerto Madryn tours allow you to see the friendly penguins


Rio Negro


Craving some Argentinean wine? The Rio Negro is a fairly secluded, off-the-radar wine region that you can visit. Here you can taste some of the finest wines without blowing your budget.


Buenos Aires


The capital may not be cheap but if you avoid the hot tourist spots you are bound to stumble upon something unique. Do not succumb into the fear of missing out! We suggest that your itinerary should include things you want to see rather than what’s trending.



Some budget-friendly travelling tips:

  • Eat like a local and devour the cultural delicacies sold at food stalls and in small shops.
  • Hit the road on a bus, bike or on the foot. See the real sights on the ground level
  • Go in a group to cut down the cost.

In short, try to truly immerse yourself in the culture of wherever you are studying. This well-budgeted experience will be more memorable than any pricey trip you ever took.

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