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Posted on 03/09/2016 Tips & Recommendations

Top Destinations in Argentina for the Artsy-Fartsies

Argentina is a country with all sorts of incentives: its delicious and varied gastronomy, a homely and amusing atmosphere, the stunning landscapes and endless activities… they all make it a perfect place for tourists who want to “exploit” a place to its fullest. But perhaps one of the characteristics that make this Latin American nation so appealing is its culture.

The culture is beautifully exemplified in its art scene, from museums to theatres to galleries to concerts, the artistic community in Argentina is thriving. Here is a selection of the best destinations in Argentina for the artsy-fartsies:

In the northwest of the country hides a city that deserves its nickname without a doubt: Salta, “La Linda” (The Beautiful). An endless number of varied museums, theatres, cinemas and concerts, lovely colonial houses and historic sites of an outstanding architecture can be found in each and every corner of this beautiful capital of the province. But perhaps the best way to see, hear, taste and LIVE the culture there is in the “peñas”, open reunions of locals where you can watch or practice regional dances, listen to music, drink local wines and try homemade food while you socialize with the “salteños”. Can you think of a better way to discover its folklore?

Located in the poorest and most mistreated province of the country (Chaco), Resistencia is not usually one of the destinations in Argentina visited by conventional tourists. Even so, the museums, the cultural offer, the gastronomy, the traditional sites and educational centers, and, above everything, the more than 500 sculptures that rise on its streets, squares, parks and avenues make it an undeniably artistic city. In spite of the suffocating weather and desolated sceneries, it’s definitely worth it to stay for a couple days there, especially during the third week of July of even years, when the Sculpture Biennial takes place and ten national and foreign sculptors are challenged to complete a work of art in seven days in the center of the city. The experience is unforgettable.

Almost in the very center of Argentina, 700 kilometers away from the capital, rises the second most populated city and the one with the youngest “vibe” of the country. Thanks to its seven prestigious universities, a constant presence of undergraduates is guaranteed and because of them, obviously, Cordoba has an endless nightlife and a varied cultural offer, both of them pretty interesting… Besides, its Jesuit heritage is always present and beautiful colonial buildings can be found everywhere.

Can you imagine a city where you can be listening to street musicians with a beer in your hand before you take a tour through its four municipal art galleries? Or one where you can be dancing until the sun rises next to Jesuitical ruins? In Cordoba, the present and the past blend together in a unique way… and everything is possible.

Buenos Aires
The tireless, cosmopolitan, sexy and exciting capital of this exceptional country is known all over the world for its wonderful cultural offer, which makes it the perfect destination in Argentina for art lovers or simply those who enjoy learning the customs and the lifestyle of a place in many different ways. Renowned theatres, independent low-budget cultural centers, cinemas, all sorts of concerts and shows, milongas, dancing classes, tango performances, festivals, any kind of educational course or class you can think about… You choose.

Buenos Aires has an incredible amount of museums and bookstores, most of which are located on the vibrant Corrientes street, unmissable for those who want to get lost between books, plays, movies and history. Also, the San Telmo fair is the ideal spot to discover antiques, timeless secrets and original works presented by the same artisans who made them. Although my professional and personal advice is that after visiting and investigating all these places, you must get lost. Get lost in this magnificent city full of architectural wonders and cultural presents waiting to be exposed. Buenos Aires breathes art… because Buenos Aires, above everything, IS art.

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Written by Irene Valiente

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