Top Destinations in Argentina for Art Lovers

Argentina Travel Posted on 03/09/2016

Argentina is a country with all sorts of incentives: its delicious and varied gastronomy, a homely and amusing atmosphere, stunning landscapes, and endless activities… they all make it a perfect place for tourists who want to “exploit” a place to its fullest. But perhaps one of the characteristics that make this Latin American nation so appealing is its natural and cultural heritage.

The culture is beautifully exemplified in its art scene, from museums to theatres to galleries to concerts, while natural wonders can be found in any of its 23 provinces. The artistic community in Argentina is thriving. Here is a selection of 4 of Argentina’s most beautiful places to fulfill your artistic itch:

1. Iguazú National Park

Be ready to marvel at nature’s power. Iguazú Falls was named one of the 7 natural wonders of the world by UNESCO, and once you meet them you will agree! Indeed one of Argentina’s most beautiful places for art lovers of natural landscapes pics.

Walk through the walkways to discover inner cascades, falls, and water jumps, to finally get to the main attraction: Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). This National Park is unlike any other on Earth. Explore the magical rainforest that surrounds it, and have your camera ready: Tucans and colorful butterflies are ready to strike a pose!


2. Salta

In the northwest of the country hides a city that deserves its nickname without a doubt: Salta, “La Linda” (The Beautiful). An endless number of varied museums, theatres, cinemas and concerts, lovely colonial houses, and historic sites of outstanding architecture can be found in every corner of this beautiful capital of the province. 

But perhaps the cherry on top of this northwest land is its Salt Flats. A breathtaking infinite white shiny field made of salt qualifies as a one-of-a-kind shot, art lovers! Blue sky, and white salty ground, sound like one of the many Argentina beautiful places.

  • 3, 2, 1 jump! Northern Argentina Salt Flats await.

3. Buenos Aires

The tireless, cosmopolitan, sexy, and exciting capital of this exceptional country is known all over the world for its wonderful cultural offer, which makes it the perfect destination in Argentina for art lovers or simply those who enjoy learning the customs and the lifestyle of a place in many different ways. Its architecture has left breathless more than one photographer, architect, or history teacher. From majestic historical buildings to modern skyscrapers. Look up! Spot Buenos Aires domes and marvel at yourself.

Buenos Aires has an incredible amount of museums and bookstores, most of which are located on the vibrant Corrientes street, unmissable for those who want to get lost between books, plays, movies, and history. Also, the San Telmo fair is the ideal spot to discover antiques, timeless secrets, and original works presented by the same artisans who made them. Buenos Aires breathes art… because Buenos Aires, above everything, IS art.

  • Puerto Madero harbors this stunning piece of art: Prepare your cameras and take a shot of the famous Puente de la Mujer

Buenos Aires - Puerto Madero

4. Ushuaia

One of Argentina’s National trademarks can be found at the End of the World City: The End of the World Lighthouse. Although Ushuaia’s island is one of the many Argentina beautiful places, this Lighthouse is an iconic postcard of this destination.

Art and Animals photographers be ready to get stunned, the best is yet to come. Magellanic penguins? Indeed! Photograph these marvelous cute creatures in their natural habitat. Once your shot day is over, spectacular culinary options can be found in any restaurant in this unique place in the world.

  • Travel to the iconic Lighthouse and navigate through to the world-known Beagle Channel!
Ushuaia - Beagle-channel-argentina

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